Tips On How To Effectively Train New Hires

Tips on How to Effectively Train new Hires

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Development 2 min. read

Training your new employees is vital in your business. You can’t just hire people and make them start working without preparing them for the job.

Properly trained new hires will be productive after some time; thus, they will be helpful in the operation of the company. However, without the proper training, they may not be able to do their tasks well and achieve their full potential. Below are some tips for training new employees.

Create a training program

Before even hiring new employees, create a program for training new hires in various departments, so you will be ready when you have trainees.

Determine the training course, including the schedule, topics to discuss, and activities to do. Prepare things needed, from learning materials to equipment for presentation. One of the things to invest in is a projector for the presentations and video tutorials. You will also need a projector ceiling bracket to hang it. Make sure that everything is ready for a smooth process.
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Check with existing employees often

The training period is crucial as they learn about their specific tasks and the company culture. Be there to show your support and also to check their progress.

It will make them feel welcome if they see the help that they get. Plus, you can also determine if there are things that they need to improve the training further or if they encounter any concerns that you can solve right away.

Choose mentors

Select mentors to train the new hires. Brief them with the training program to be in the loop and know what to teach the newbies. The mentors should know the technicalities of the job, and they should also be personable and patient to connect well with the trainees.

Have a team-building exercise

Team building is not just for regular employees. It’s also essential to have it on the training stage so that new hires will develop their camaraderie early on.

Prepare some games to loosen them up, and treat them with a free team lunch. It’s a great way to relax and at the same time get to know each other better. It will relieve tiredness from learning and recharge them before going back to the training.
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Provide regular feedback

As you check with their progress regularly, give them constructive feedback that will help them improve. Determine specific steps on how they could become better.

Don’t forget to acknowledge what they do well, so they know that you notice and appreciate them. They will feel more motivated if they know that you see their efforts.
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Give measurable goals

Set goals in every meeting, so they have a specific target. Be sure that they’re not impossible to attain. For example, they should know how to create or process applications or orders from customers by the end of the week. You can then test them for this to see if they meet the objective.

Training doesn’t stop after they completed the official training course. It should continue on the team level when the newbies start working in production. Let their team leader and tenured team members assist them as they familiarise themselves with the actual work.

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