Twitter Launched Its First Consumer Marketing Campaign In India Titled #WeTweet

Twitter Launched its first Consumer Marketing Campaign in India Titled #WeTweet

by Alex Noah — 5 years ago in Development 2 min. read

Twitter India’s MD (Manish Maheshwari), said Center to Twitter’s’Reside, Conversational and Public Character’ is the idea that, no matter who users are, it gives people a voice to be heard.

Twitter said on Tuesday it has launched its first customer advertising campaign in India branded #WeTweet. Twitter said the effort has been conceptualised by Leo Burnett India.

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Twitter said its commercial round the campaign will be set around a bunch of young Indians as they follow the narrative of a literary #NoShowerDay motion on the stage, and ends with a homage to all of the actual movements that have happened in India and on Twitter indicated by hashtags such as #KeralaFloods and discussions across Delhi’s air quality revealed from the hashtag #Breathe.

The business stated it’s a 360 effort including online and TV movies, electronic, OOH, in addition to on-ground activations (interactive displays) in schools, and will span 6-8 months across cities in India with a particular focus on Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Manish Maheshwari, Twitter India’s MD stated center to Twitter’s’reside, conversational and public character’ is the concept that, regardless of who users are, it gives individuals a voice to be heard. “Over time, Indian millennials have shown this power throughout the numerous social movements born on the stage, using their public discussions creating large changes in schools, communities, as well as the nation. During #WeTweet, We Would like to emphasise young people Throughout the nation can utilize Twitter to possess their collective voice create a transformative effect on Indian culture.”

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Rajdeepak Das, MD India and Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, South Asia stated Twitter is among the greatest brands in the nation and that the No Tweet is too little while we converse together campaign reflects the size of the new by demonstrating how a little initiative on Twitter can cause a movement.

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