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VR Development Guide: Choosing the Right Engine for Game Development

by Evelyn Addison — 5 years ago in Development 2 min. read

Growing virtual 3D worlds was a fantasy of developers for several decades. The digital reality, after a comedic fiction, is turning into a reality.

Making Your Own VR Programs is Possible

Making your very own virtual reality software is much more possible today than ever. The charge to take part in virtual reality, for both developers and consumers, has decreased radically in the last several decades, and plenty of tools is currently available for new development teams to go into the fray.

Among the most significant components to a virtual reality development method is that the engine that you use to construct with. Unless you’ve got unlimited time and unlimited funds, it is in your very best interest to utilize a commercial motor instead of creating yourself.

Creating Your Own VR Apps is Possible

Creating VR Programs with Premium Engines You will have a lot of alternatives to pick from, but you will want to educate yourself on these tools to make certain you’re creating the very best job in respect to your own specifications. They’ve been classic options for video game development as well as for mobile program development.

The Unreal Engine is totally free to use and enables development teams to produce their own interactive software free of price. As soon as your program is designed, however, you are going to need to discuss a small fraction of your profits with the Unreal team.

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How to Construct VR Programs Without Coding

Additionally, it is possible to code your whole program with easy logic through the usage of the Blueprint Visual Scripting performance. Using Blueprints, you are able to design programmatic activities, methods and computer behavior without creating one line of code.

This design feature is not available on another significant engine. In case you’ve got a design-heavy group, packed with more analytical artists and designers than developers, you might wish to consider utilizing the Unreal Engine.

Why Unity is a Developer Favorite

Unity, a comparable engine yet underpowered compared to Unreal, enables developers to utilize their motor for a tiny upfront fee, however, you won’t need to pay any royalties as soon as you’ve obtained the program. To utilize Unity, you are going to want to get a group with powerful C# abilities.

In case you don’t possess a solid history in C# and do not have the money to deliver on a more seasoned C# developer, you need to strongly consider utilizing the Unreal Engine. If your staff gets the programming skill and design skill, Unity may be a fantastic and comparatively low-cost alternative that ignites little concerning quality.

There are Great Open Source Options, Too

In case you’re seeking the cheapest price possible, you are going to want to investigate totally search motors. You are going to need to devote more resources and time into editing the motor your requirements.

Entirely open source virtual reality-ready motors are also available to be used. Apertus VR is just one such instance. It is a set of embeddable libraries which may readily be inserted into existing jobs. OSVR is just another virtual reality framework which could enable you to start creating your very own virtual reality games. The two OSVR and Apertus VR are rather new inventions, but and you may encounter bugs and other problems you wouldn’t experience with Unity or Unreal.


Creating virtual reality software is an extremely hard job, but using a little bit of persistence and with some assistance from experienced programmers, you need to be able to have the hang of this virtual reality development procedure.

Evelyn Addison

Evelyn is an assistant editor for The Next Tech and Just finished her master’s in modern East Asian Studies and plans to continue with her old hobby that is computer science.

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