What Is Difference Between UI Vs UX? And Why Does It Matter?

What is Difference Between UI Vs UX? And Why Does It Matter?

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Development 2 min. read

Ever wonder what the differences are between UI/UX? It’s not a common question. Five designers can give you five different answers. Let’s look at each individual to clarify the differences and similarities between user interface (UI), and user experience (UX).

What is the User Interface (UI), and How Does It Work?

The user interface (UI), is the way people interact with a product. It includes both physical objects such as scroll bars and text fields, as well as digital elements such as screens, menus, and icons. The user interface (UI) is basically what you see when looking at a website or an application.

What is User Experience (UX), and How Can It be Improved?

The user experience (UX), refers to how you interact with digital products. You interact with a website by browsing its content. Or, you could use its online shopping cart to buy a gift for a friend’s birthday. You are creating a user experience (UX) every time you interact with an app or site. What is User Interface (UI), you ask? Let’s see!

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Can You Have Both?

Software development often overlooks the amount of work that goes into both UI and UX design. There are many skilled UI/UX designers who can do both. You can have a seamless user experience by having them make sure that every element of your website or app is working together seamlessly, regardless of whether it’s informational or aesthetic.

What is The Importance of UI?

Although user interface (UI) design is an important part of web and software development projects it does not always take the center stage. Although UI design may not be as glamorous as other elements such as server configuration or database architecture, it is essential to ensure that a website or app makes sense to users. This is no easy task. Although UI designers tend to be more focused on functionality than aesthetics, they still need to consider both aspects of their work.

Is There One Answer to This Question?

Most designers will answer that they work in user interface design or user experience. Is there a fundamental distinction between the two types of design? Or are we splitting hairs about semantics?

What is UX?

Although UI is often used to describe all things, UX is what we mean when we speak of good design. Although the terms can be interchanged, UI (or graphical user interface) refers to a particular layer of design. UX encompasses everything above that layer. The UI of a website includes colors, buttons, and links. UX, on the other hand, encompasses factors such as load time and site usability.


UI (user interface), refers to the appearance of an application, while UX is concerned with how users interact with that interface. Although these two areas are closely related, you can’t design a great UI if you don’t provide a great user interface. However, they are distinct aspects of design and require different skill sets.

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