YouTube Launches Supervised Accounts For Tweens And Teens

YouTube Launches Supervised Accounts for Tweens and Teens

by Amelia Scott — 3 years ago in Development < 1 min. read

YouTube has realized that YouTube Kids is to limiting for older kids while at the same time full-blown YouTube access is too much for young teenagers to handle, so it’s introducing a third option for parents. Supervised accounts are launching for tweens (ages 10-14) and teens.

James Beser, Director of Product Management, Kids and Family in YouTube, clarifies, “We have learned from older and young kids that tweens and teenagers have different requirements, which were not being completely satisfied by our goods.

As kids develop, they’ve insatiable curiosity and will need to get liberty and find new strategies to understand, develop, and belong.”
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Working with parents and experts, YouTube launched a new experience and called it a supervised account.

It will offer content settings and limited features for parents to select between. These settings will be offered as three-level options called “Explore,” “Explore More,” and “Most of YouTube.”

The general advice is that Research is for the 9+ age category, Research More is for 13+, and the majority of YouTube provides access to all except age-restricted sensitive and content subjects deemed just suitable for older adolescents.
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This brand new, innovative strategy will enable parents to measure from YouTube Kids and throughout the 3 degrees of a supervised report as they see fit before eliminating the restrictions as their children become young adults.

For now, the supervised account is being offered in early beta for families under the age of consent. Feedback will help refine the features before expanding them to a wider audience.

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