A Guide To DND Character Sheet For Beginners

DND Character Sheet: What It Is, How To Set Up, Backgrounds & Gameplay Terminology

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Dungeon & Dragon or DND is becoming quite popular these days. Might because people saw positive examples of it in mainstream media.

According to statista reports, the digital version of D&D 5th times. Edition on Roll20 was played more than nearly 34.8 thousand.

DND is a fun and role-playing game with a scenario of table-top games, also referred to as a virtual tabletop.

Though the game involves some strategic processes from users to compete to play, you should first familiarize yourself with the dnd character sheet.


So what is the Dungeon & Dragon Character sheet? How to play DND with a character sheet? How to fill and set up a dungeon and dragon character sheet?

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What Is DND Character Sheet?

In Dungeon and Dragon games, a character sheet represents the skills, combat strategy, and its associated details along with weapons and many other things of a player or character.

It is a character’s record of name and description, combat tactics, detailing of equipment, weapons, and offenses it has, including other various character’s skills.

The D&D character sheet incubates a large number of data about the character. Later you will learn about character sheet terminology in detail.

What Is The Latest DND Character Sheet Version?

The 5th edition of Character Sheet is the latest version released from Dungeon and Dragon. The latest edition features most of the new improvements, new character’s resources and details to look out for.

The add-ons will provide more info to the users and they will learn more about the game happenings, results, and skills statistics.

How To Fill D&D 5E Character Sheets?

To fill dnd character sheets, you must know some terminologies and be aware of the game inputs, key terms, and a little bit about yourself.

We later read about the terminologies, let’s get into the steps to follow to filling D&D character sheets for beginners.

Step 1 – Choose Race, Class, and Background

It begins with selecting your character’s species, typically, helps in knowing your body look as well as giving you natural talents.

Following are the races to available in D&D 5e character sheet:

  • Dwarf
  • Elf
  • Halfling
  • Human
  • Dragonborn
  • Gnome
  • Half-Elf
  • Half-Orc
  • Tiefling

After this, you need to define and select a class, represent your character’s profession and guide what your character can perform.

When done with the class selection, you now choose the character’s background that illustrates your character history.

Following are the few backgrounds of DND 5e character sheet:

  • Acolyte
  • Charlatan
  • Criminal
  • Entertainer
  • Folk Hero
  • Guild Artisan
  • Hermit
  • Noble
  • Outlander
  • Sage
  • Sailor
  • Soldier
  • Urchin

Step 2 – Playing With Stat Blocks

Stat Blocks dnd character sheet
Stat Blocks dnd character sheet

Playing with stat blocks is fun and something new to explore the game. Stat blocks are an important part of the character sheet that sets the overall experience of the game.

Kindly, this block consists of several pieces of data including your proficiency modifier, your ability scores and modifiers, and your skill modifiers.

Step 3 – Deciding Proficiencies & Languages

Deciding Proficiencies & Languages
Deciding Proficiencies & Languages

Next to kite proficiencies and languages, in which you determine what language your character knows, what items such as armor and weapons you can use without any penalties.

For languages, check both your race and background for any known language to identify.

Step 4 – Equipment Glossary

Equipment Glossary
Equipment Glossary

This section consists of all the equipment that your character is carrying. This may include default inventory items to purchased items such as crowbar, hammer, 10 pitons, and more.

To purchase items, the use of starting gold is a must. Additionally, the amount of starting gold depends on the table “Starting Wealth by Class”.

Step 5 – Attacks & Spellcasting

Attacks & Spellcasting in dnd character sheet
Attacks & Spellcasting in dnd character sheet

This section typically speaks about the attacking methods and their rules to operate in the game. With the use of physical attacks, character’s also cast spells.

Out of many, some spells consist of rules to activate and use such as you can shoot your shortbow 80 feet, or up to 320 feet with disadvantage on the attack roll.

You can also check damage counts of each weapon from this section to get valued information about the proficiencies.

Step 6 – HP & Combat Stats

HP & Combat Stats
HP & Combat Stats

This section speaks about various forms of combat stats associated with your hit points, or health. The calculations are based on various data metrics including armor class, initiative, speed, and hit dice.

Hit dice illustrates how hearty you are and the ability to heal.

Speed is how far you can move or how quickly your response against the object.

Initiative is your ability that demonstrates how quickly you behave in the face of danger.

Step 7 – Glimpsing Features

This section informs all the remaining list of items of your class, race, and background. Additionally, in this section you also explore passive benefits, or relevant bonuses from background can be listed here.

Step 8 – Traits, Ideals, Bonds, Flaws

Traits, Ideals, Bonds, Flaws
Traits, Ideals, Bonds, Flaws

Below, you will find a trait section along with others. Traits are your character’s description based on your role-playing aspect of the role-playing game.

There are two methods to choose your traits:

  • Look up your background.
  • Roll the appropriate die based on the tables.

Other traits, you will also see the following options:

Ideals: These are the things that your character believes strongly in.

Bonds: It refers to the annotation of how your character is tied to the world of the game.

Flaws: Representing vice, compulsion, fear, or weakness.

Step 9 – Name & Other Information

Name And Other Information
Name And Other Information

It’s a general section that asks your name, class and level, background, player name, etc.

Character Name: Name your character either make up your own name, using some fantasy name generator, or looking at player’s handbook samples.

Class and Level: A space to track your class and its associated level.

Background: A place to write your chosen background.

Player Name: A box where you provide your own name.

Race: A place to write your chosen race.

Alignment: It narrates your typical temperament to others.

Step 10 – Review

Almost done! Review your recently edited dnd character sheet for any missing information. Kindly check for proper annotation, mis-filled information, etc.

Hurray! You are now ready to play. Your party member will help regarding any questions you are tempted to know for your character.

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How To Read DND Character Sheets?

How to read dnd character sheet
How to read dnd character sheet

Many fans get confused reading a dnd character sheet. Because of too many sections available and tons of data, understanding the character sheet at first is next to impossible.

Talked about how to read a dnd character sheet in an easy to understand manner.

  • Basic information at the top.
  • Ability Scores on the left.
  • Combat information in the center.
  • Features and Traits on the right.
  • Proficiencies, Languages, and Equipment at the bottom.
  • Backstory information on Page 2.
  • Spells on Page 3.

You will see above section on dnd 5e character sheet pdf which include these details accurately.

Dungeons & Dragons 5E Backgrounds Guide

The backgrounds guide of the dnd character sheet is divided into nine categories. Mentioned tabular consists of all the tables of backgrounds.

1. Players Handbook

Name Page Skills Language Tools
Acolyte 127 Insight (WIS), Religion (INT) +2 NA
Charlatan 128 Deception (CHA), Sleight of Hand (DEX) NA Disguise Kit, Forgery Kit
Criminal 129 Deception (CHA), Stealth (DEX) NA Gaming set x1, Thieves’ tools
Entertainer 130 Acrobatics (DEX), Performance (CHA) NA Disguise kit, Musical instrument x1
Folk Hero 131 Animal handling (WIS), Survival (WIS) NA Artisan’s tools x1, Vehicles (land)
Gladiator 130 Acrobatics (DEX), Performance (CHA) NA Disguise kit, Unusual weapon x1
Guild Artisan 132 Insight (WIS), Persuasion (CHA) +1 Artisan’s tools x1
Guild Merchant 132 Insight (WIS), Persuasion (CHA) +1 Navigator’s tools
Hermit 134 Medicine (WIS), Religion (INT) +1 Herbalism kit
Knight 135 History (INT), Persuasion (CHA) +1 Gaming set x1
Noble 135 History (INT), Persuasion (CHA) +1 Gaming set x1
Outlander 136 Athletics (STR), Survival (WIS) NA Musical instrument x1
Pirate 139 Athletics (STR), Perception (WIS) +2 Navigator’s tools, Vehicles (water)
Sage 137 Arcana (INT), History (INT) NA Navigator’s tools, Vehicles (water)
Sailor 139 Athletics (STR), Perception (WIS) NA Gaming set x1, Vehicles (land)
Soldier 140 Athletics (STR), Intimidation (CHA) NA Gaming set x1, Thieves’ tools
Spy 129 Deception (CHA), Stealth (DEX) NA Gaming set x1, Thieves’ tools
Urchin 141 Sleight of Hand (DEX), Stealth (DEX) +2 Disguise kit, Thieves’ tools

2. Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

Name Page Skills Language Tools
City Watch 145 Athletics (STR), Insight (WIS) +2 NA
Clan Crafter 145 History (INT), Insight (WIS) +1 Artisan’s tools x1
Cloistered Scholar 146 History (INT) and one from Arcana, Nature, or Religion (all INT) +2 NA
Courtier 146 Insight (WIS), Persuasion (CHA) +2 NA
Faction Agent 147 Insight and one INT, WIS, or CHA skill as appropriate for your faction +2 NA
Far Traveler 148 Insight (WIS), Perception (WIS) +1 Musical instrument x1 or Gaming set x1
Inheritor 150 Survival (WIS), and one from Arcana, History, or Religion (all INT) NA Gaming set x1, Musical instrument x1
Investigator 145 Insight (WIS), Investigation (INT) +2 NA
Knight of the Order 151 Persuasion (CHA), and one from Arcana; History; Nature; or Religion (all INT) +1 Gaming set or Musical instrument
Mercenary Veteran 152 Athletics (STR), Persuasion (CHA) NA Gaming set x1, Vehicles (land)
Urban Bounty Hunter 153 Two from Deception (CHA); Insight (WIS); Persuasion (CHA); and Stealth (DEX) NA Two from Gaming set x1, Musical instrument x1, or Thieves’ tools
Uthgardt Tribe Member 153 Athletics (STR), Survival (WIS) +1 Artisan’s tools x1 or Musical instrument x1
Waterdhavian Noble 154 History (INT), Persuasion (CHA) +1 Gaming set x1 or Musical instrument x1

3. Curse of Strahd

Name Page Skills Language Tools
Black Fist Double Agent 2 Deception (CHA), Insight (WIS) NA Disguise kit, and either Artisan’s tools x1 or Gaming set x1
Dragon Casualty 3 Intimidation (CHA), Survival (WIS) Draconic One of eight tools, based on your origin
Iron Route Bandit 5 Animal handling (WIS), stealth (DEX) NA Gaming set x1, Vehicles (land)
Phlan Insurgent 6 Stealth (DEX), Survival (WIS) NA Artisan’s tools x1, Vehicles (land)
Stojanow Prisoner 8 Deception (CHA), perception (WIS) NA Gaming set x1, Thieves’ tools
Ticklebelly Nomad 9 Animal Handling (WIS), Nature (INT) Giant Herbalism kit

4. Rage of Demons

Name Page Skills Language Tools
Cormanthor Refugee 5 Nature (INT), Survival (WIS) Elvish Artisan’s tools x1
Gate Urchin 6 Deception (CHA), Sleight of Hand (DEX) NA Musical instrument x1, Thieves’ tools
Hillsfar Merchant 7 Insight (WIS), Persuasion (CHA) NA Vehicles (land), Vehicles (water)
Hillsfar Smuggler 8 Perception (WIS), Stealth (DEX) +1 Forgery kit
Secret Identity 9 Deception (CHA), Stealth (DEX) NA Disguise kit, Forgery kit
Shade Fanatic 10 Deception (CHA), Intimidation (CHA) Netherese Forgery kit
Shade Fanatic 11 Investigation (INT), Persuasion (CHA) Elvish Thieves’ tools

5. Elemental Evil

Name Page Skills Language Tools
Caravan Specialist 2 Animal handling (WIS), Survival (WIS) +1 Vehicles (land)
Earthspur Miner 3 Athletics (STR), Survival (WIS) Dwarvish, Undercommon NA
Harborfolk 4 Athletics (STR), Sleight of Hand (DEX) NA Gaming set x1, Vehicles (water)
Mulmaster Aristocrat 5 Deception (CHA), Performance (CHA) NA Artisan’s tools x1, Musical instrument x1
Phlan Refugee 6 Athletics (STR), Insight (WIS) +1 Artisan’s tools x1

6. Plane of Amonkhet

Name Page Skills Language Tools
Dissenter 11 Special Background Feature NA NA
Initiate 8 Athletics (STR), Intimidation (CHA) NA Gaming set x1, Vehicles (land)
Vizier 10 History (INT), religion (INT) NA Artisan’s tools x1, Musical Instrument x1

7. Tomb of Annihilation

Name Page Skills Language Tools
Anthropologist 191 Insight (WIS), Religion (INT) +2 NA
Archaeologist 192 History (INT), Survival (WIS) +1 Cartographer’s tools or Navigator’s tools

8. Plane of Innistrad

Name Page Skills Language Tools
Inquistor 12 Investigation (INT), Religion (INT) NA Thieves’ tools, Artisan’s tools +1

9. Ruins of Mezro

Name Page Skills Language Tools
Heretic 28 Investigation (INT), Religion (INT) +2 NA

These are the latest backgrounds of the dnd character sheet. Each background represents the unique kindness of the character’s history.

Frequently Asked Questions About DND Character Sheet

How to fill out a dnd character sheet?

To fill the dnd character sheet, you first understand the documentation of the sheet. Read this blog to understand character sheet terminology, resources, and features.

How to make a dnd character sheet?

To make your dnd character sheet, choose your class, race, ability scores and calculate your hit points along with selecting your feats, skills, spells, and equipment.

How to read a dnd character sheet?

Reading your dnd character sheet is simple. Starting with basic information at the top, ability scores on the left, combat confirmation in the center, features and traits on the right to the bottom.

How to make a custom dnd character sheet?

To make a custom dnd character sheet, you need to make your own custom dice. Import the images of your die. Face drag and drop modules to build your template.

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