6 Reasons Why You Should Not Care A Movie Review If You Want To Watch A Movie

6 Reasons Why You should not Care a Movie Review If You want to Watch a Movie

by Chamsi Pirson — 4 years ago in Entertainment 3 min. read

Kollywood is one of the most famous film industries in India and the world. They produce so many good movies each year. Some of these movies become the blockbusters earning a lot of money for people who make them. People in Tamil Nadu and most of the other major cities in India love films and are crazy about them. 


They worship the stars and celebrities like Gods and Goddesses. In some places, they even build temples for the stars. 


These days the film industry is suffering a lot because there are so many people leaving reviews everywhere. Following the latest Tamil movie reviews has become a trend. People check reviews before watching the movies. They only go to the theatre if they see good reviews.

Now, this is not at all a good thing. Here are some key reasons why you should plan on watching the movies without checking the film reviews. Or in other words,

how you should handle a movie review.

Reviewer’s Taste Might Not Be Same As Yours:

You should understand that the reviewers that write the comments about a movie might not be having the same taste in films as yours. They might like a different kind of cinema than what you watcholine pro. You should, therefore, not take their remarks on a particular movie as your own feelings. In many cases, people who read negative reviews of a film felt great when they did go and watch the movie in the theatre. 


Next time you want to watch a movie after checking the trailer, do not go and check the reviews. You go and watch it and then check the reports later. You will be startled to see that you will not agree with most of the reviewers that write the stuff. If you do this, you will be happy you did not follow this trend to decide if a film is upto the mark. 

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Help the Film Fraternity:

Moviemakers spend so much time and money on making a film so that you and your family can have a gala time watching them in the theatre. If you are one of those people who would like to encourage arts, you should not skip watching movies based on a review that you did read online or in a newspaper. 


Without watching the film, you will never know if it is something that you like or you dislike. Only when you take some time to watch it in the cinema theatre, you will know if the movie is upto the mark. On top of it, you are encouraging movie makers to become better. People who love arts should not stop watching the flicks because some reviewers said something. You should refrain from telling others the plot of the movie.

It Is a Spoiler’s Alert:

Movie reviews are not good, especially if you have the desire to go and watch a film. Most people who do this job these days are revealing a bit more of the plot than what is needed. As a result, people who have a sincere desire to go and watch the movie are losing interest in it. If you are a person who wants to enjoy watching films, you should first go and watch the movie that you are interested in before reading the reviews. This way, you will enjoy the twists and turns in a plot. You will not be disturbed. 

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Follow the Right Reviewer:

You will be surprised to note that there are so many film reviewers. Cotomovies, You need to take the time to read movie reviews of some of them till the time you find one that best suits your taste. Follow only those people whom you think you can relate to if you want to make a wise decision of going or not going to a movie. If you follow a ton of movie buffs and reviewers, you might end up in confusion. 

Friends Better Than Reviewers:

If you sincerely desire to know how a movie is fairing at the box office, you should contact your friends, rather than the movie reviews. Your friends will have a fair idea of what kind of movies you watch or do not watch. They might give you a better review than a website or a movie critic. You can then decide on whether you should go and watch the movie or skipping it. 

Read It for Timepass:

If you desire to watch a movie, you should go ahead and do so without worrying about the latest Tamil movie reviews. Use reviews to combat boredom as some of the video movie reviews are funny. It will help you to stay awake when you are commuting to the office or will help in relieving you of the stress that is there in your workplace or at home. 

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