How To Make A Check VOID? Void A Check In 2 Simple Ways!

How To Make A Check VOID? 2 Simple Steps To Voiding a Check

by Amelia Scott — 10 months ago in Finance 3 min. read

You’ll learn:

  • How to void a check
  • Reasons for voiding a check
  • How to get a void check for direct deposit

And some common frequently asked questions for additional detail.

Before I start the guide, a couple of things you should remember about void check are:

Void check is mostly used to set-up direct deposit
Voiding a check cannot be used for any payment
Void check is used to get information needed for electronic payments

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What Is a Voided Check?

Voided check

Most people don’t know about this term. However, it is the common term used in banking.

A cheque is voided when the word “VOID” in large letters is written across it, which indicates that it shouldn’t be used for payment.

The primary reason to void a check is to prevent it from being used by anyone, especially from bad people such as thieves or anyone wishing to do fraud.

However, there are various reasons to void a check.

Reasons to void a check

  • To set-up direct deposit is the most common phenomenon for voiding a check, either for personal use or support business transactions.
  • Another could get paid faster. To do so, employers need certain information from you, therefore, voiding a check provides necessary details.
  • In the event of regular bill payments of any mortgage payment or car loan to other bills online, submitting a void check to the bank helps schedule payments from your checking account.

How To Write a Void Check?

Want to know how to void a check? Two methods to void a check are mentioned below.

Read carefully!

Method 1 – Write VOID (in capital letter) across the entire face of the check. Remember, writing shouldn’t cover the check number

Method 2 – Or, write VOID in the:

  • Date line
  • Payee line
  • Amount line and box
  • Signature box

Key things to remember!

👉 Use blue or black pen to void a check
👉 Record the voided check number privately
👉 Keep the original and offer a copy whoever needs it

Spurn to give a blank check to anyone, instead, void a check and then give to them. It is not possible to cash out and deposit the void check by any people, so it is safe.

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How To Get a Void Check For Direct Deposit?

In the context of business, direct deposit transactions occurred frequently. Thus, the void check method is used by most of the business owners.

You need a paper check to get advantage of void check. In the event that you don’t have paper checks, you could do the following things.

  • Go to your bank and ask a teller to print one
  • Request your bank to offer a paper checkbook
  • Otherwise, request your bank to set up direct deposit

Benefits of voiding a check:

✔️ A voided check cannot be completed, cashed or deposited.
✔️ Make it easier for people to share banking information.
✔️ Helps in setting up direct deposit, automated clearing house (ACH) transfers, etc.
✔️ It also helps prevent fraud or stealing money from your account.

Why Do Companies Need a Voided Check?

Ventures are the ones that require voided checks mostly because to know employers banking details for payroll transfer, smooth business to business transactions, or any other reasons.

A void check consists of several details of the person such as bank account number, branch code, and routing number (unique, nine-digit number that functions as an address for your bank).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Deposit a VOID Check?

No. Not a check owner or either other person whether known or unknown cannot deposit, cash out or make payment if a check is VOID.

When should I VOID a check?

Void check is required when setting up direct deposits, automated clearing house (ACH) transfers, electronic bill payments, or making a mistake while filling a check.

Can I VOID a filled-out check?

Absolutely Yes. A person can make a filled-out check void by writing a VOID in capital letters.

Can I give a voided check to someone?

It is safe to give a VOID check to a third person.

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