Google Announces A Bunch Of New Features Coming To Android Before Version 12

Android 12: Google announces a bunch of new features coming to Android before version 12

by Amelia Scott — 3 years ago in Future 2 min. read

Google may be hard at work on Android 12, but you won’t have to wait that long to get some new features on Android devices. The company today announced 6 new features coming to various devices running older versions of the mobile OS with a litany of independent updates.

For individuals with Android Messages — that the texting program included with Pixel phones along with some different devices approximating ‘inventory’ Android — Google will let you schedule messages to ship at particular times. It may be utilized for approving a buddy about something significant, wishing somebody a happy birthday quite later, or organizing events.

Google itself provides the instance of texting a buddy in a different time zone; that way you’ll be able to schedule a message to see if they are not sleeping.

Also noteworthy, Google introduced its own Password Checkup instrument — the one it has been utilizing in Chrome for a while — to alarm you in case your login credentials are exposed and possibly discovered on the shady areas of the world wide web.

The application applies to passwords saved with Google’s Android-wide autofill feature, which functions with an assortment of apps. Though your password being compromised does not necessarily mean somebody has stolen your data, it is certainly a fantastic idea to change it up.

Google Maps is becoming a correct dark manner also. It is possible to visit the app’s preferences, tap ‘Theme’ and choose Always in Black Theme. Similarly, you can elect to maintain the light motif here if you want a brighter appearance.

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Android has made improvements to TalkBack, an entry feature for visually impaired men and women. The upgrade includes “more intuitive gestures, a more unified menu, a fresh reading control menu, and more” You may read more about those enhancements here.

Google is also making it much easier to utilize the Assistant without unlocking or touching your mobile phone. Your device will show cards that could be read more easily to validate your own activities, and now you can enable more private tasks — such as sending texts and producing calls without unlocking your own apparatus.

Formerly, the Assistant might ask that you unlock your phone before you can conduct these tasks (unless you’re using cans), which frequently made them worthless; when I have already unlocked my phone, odds are it’s simpler to dial-up a number or sort a message. It is a welcome switch.
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Last, Google has released several updates to Android Auto, letting you personalize your background, play trivia games via the helper, and adding shortcuts to this launch screen.

In the last few years, Google has been working towards making Android a bit more modular, permitting the enterprise to update important services and programs connected with the phone OS without needing a complete system upgrade.

Though we are guaranteed to see more updates with Android 12, it is wonderful to know that we do not need to wait for a complete year simply to access some helpful capabilities.

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