7 Future Technology That Will Change Our World

7 Future Technology That Will Change Our World

by Neeraj Gupta — 4 weeks ago in Future 4 min. read

The tendency of the future technology depends on the present innovation.

And the present is what we should take seriously towards our world to make a better place.

In an effort to make the world innovative, scientists and astronauts are playing a big game in silence.

Indeed, their innovation and research experiments give a new scope of vision.

With some recent discoveries, we think the following seven future technologies will rule and change the world.

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1. Necrobotics

Necrobotics future technology

“Necrobotics” sounds like a portmanteau of “necro” (related to death or the dead) and “robotics.”

Have you ever thought of turning dead things into robots? Well, scientists and researchers are excited to see the future with such constraints – is that really possible?

While imagining this in our mind is exciting, it sounds creepy or next to impossible. But, that’s what scientists do!

2. Sand Batteries

Sand Batteries

Another great discovery that popped in the news regarding sand batteries came from some Finnish engineers who have found a way to turn sand into a giant battery.

Well, it came as a successful testing when engineers piled 100 tons of sand into a 4 x 7 metre steel container then heated up using renewable energy (wind and solar), resulting in huge energy collection which can be used for a longer time.

This achievement could give better ideas to make use of natural resources for energy conversion and distribution across the world.

3. Catapulting Satellites Into Space

Catapulting Satellites Into Space

You might get exiled because you may not even have imagined in your dream that satellites could be sent into space through kinetic energy. This could be mind blowing future technology for the world.

Yes, you heard that right. Space and satellite development companies are working on innovating a future technology by using kinetic energy instead of the usual technique of using chemical fuel.

With not much detail, the company has signed an agreement with NASA and is now testing the system.

4. Xenotransplantation


A complex study of science related to humans with cells, tissues, or organs and animal source.

Xenotransplantation usually reflects a process of transplanting, implementing or infusing animal source properties into the human body.

For example, a procedure that has been carried out so far is the insertion of a pig’s heart into a human, and that happened twice.

5. AI Image-Generation

AI Image Generation

AI image generation uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and diffusion technology.

DALLE, Midjourney, and Runway motion are the fine tune examples of ai image generation of this year.

These tools are marvellous in creating images from text based, thanks to natural language processing.

6. Brain Reading Robots

Brain Reading Robots

At the sixth level of future technology, Brain reading robots have been in progress for improvement and capabilities testing in the lab for a long time.

For good, brain reading technology has improved hugely in recent years. And its real world application was witnessed by researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL).

The innovation was helped in operating tetraplegic patients (those who can’t move their upper or lower body) to experience the outside.

7. Fuel From Thin Air

Fuel From Thin Air

Last but not the least, a chemical engineer from Switzerland has created a prototype device that develops hydrogen fuel from the water found in air.

Speaking in depth, the device is made from semiconducting materials that core energy from sunlight and employ to produce hydrogen gas from water molecules.

So, this intersection of chemical processes develops gas which potentially can be converted for use as liquid fuels.

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What’s Next

These future technologies will surely change the way the world right now is with more potential development in every sector.

But it takes time and money to witness future trends at par level. Especially, when you are planning to deploy a satellite through spinning payloads at 8,000km/h and 10,000G.

With best wishes to them, I hope they succeed and these future technology rule the world for good reason.

Neeraj Gupta

Neeraj is a Content Strategist at The Next Tech. He writes to help social professionals learn and be aware of the latest in the social sphere. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology and is currently helping his brother in the family business. When he is not working, he’s travelling and exploring new cult.

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