How Technology Makes Easy For The Future Generation

How Technology Makes Easy for The Future Generation

by Alan Jackson — 5 years ago in Future 3 min. read
At 23 years old I’ve lived only a short chapter of my life

When I had to identify 1 thing which has changed most during a time, it’d be how technology has developed and changed the entire world. It appears crazy that one sector can have such a dramatic influence on the whole life span of a society, however, there’s not any denying that since technology has progressed and its own dominance and power in our own lives have grown, it’s finally revolutionized how we live. Nowadays, over two billion people use the world wide web globally, 53 percent of US cell phone owners have mobiles and 19 percent of Americans own tablets.

At Workshare, we are all about invention and also we wanted to choose an alternate way of talking how the much debated’technological advancement’ along with a ten-year-old woman’s tech-savvy abilities gave us the ideal angle to shoot.

Lately, since the summer holidays draw to a close, we have had a couple of workers’ kids coming to the workplace for work experience. I had the joy of working with Neve, our Manager of Online Expertise and Operations’ 10-year-old daughter that, I was quick to understand, enjoys sour candies and the group One Management. She had been tasked with a difficult database undertaking, and even suspicious at first, I found her to become competent, trustworthy, and extremely tech savvy. With this particular blog in your mind, I wished to find out more about the way Neve, in just 10 years old, was that this computer literate. I decided to ask her to write a couple lines about tech — exactly what she uses and she uses it and that is exactly what she had to say:

“Hello, I’m Neve and I will speak to you about my perspective of technologies. As a young child, I utilize a good deal of the exact same technologies as adults do however in a number of diverse ways. By way of instance, many adults use notebooks or computers for either functioning or sending emails, but I love to use my laptop to play games, to listen to songs, and watch movies on YouTube. In this informative article, I’ll help you through the way I use technology in my everyday life.”

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I utilize technology essentially daily

Here are a Few of the things I use every day and what I use them

  • Netbook: I am able to listen to songs, but also play a few games. I can download programs, play games, listen to songs, and also search the net! Occasionally I can play a few matches on it.
  • Interactive whiteboard: In college, we’ve got interactive whiteboards, which are essentially big computers onto a wall. You’re able to command them with your finger moving around on the board or using a laptop. We use them.
  • TV: When I’m at home, the majority of the time (such as most other children), I see TV. I see a variety of stations, from children ones, such as Disney station, to mature stations, like Channels 5 & 4.

Technology is significant for me since, with no technology on earth, life would be boring. I am able to play games online; send emails as well as watch TV! Now it is a lot easier to speak with people through mobiles, computers and iPods! Tech is important to me since if I do not see my buddies, I could email or text and when we did not have technologies, I could not do everything!

I believe we want technology but we don’t have to use it all of the time because people are so wrapped up texting or emailing friends that nobody would have the time to view them.

In conclusion

I enjoy technology and I believe everybody ought to have the ability to utilize it.

As a youngster, the only bit of technology I possessed was a tv and a walkie-talkie. Lately, AVG, an online security firm, discovered that more young kids understand how to play with a pc game (58 percent) than just swim (20 percent ) or ride a bicycle (52 percent). Just how many times have changed!

With technologies such a prominent characteristic of our world nowadays, it is not surprising that the younger generations tend to be a lot more tech-savvy than previously, as it continues to advance, society is only going to get wrapped up with all the most cutting gadget releases.

Together with the changing technological times along with the substantial increase in mobile devices, individuals are turning into the cloud since the new and effortless way to talk about their ever-growing electronic library of files and documents while on the go. ESG study proves that in recent decades to come, nearly all organizations will provide at least 20 percent of the software via SaaS. Of the firms surveyed, 25% reported that they use or intend to utilize SaaS to provide collaboration and document sharing software.

In Workshare, we’ve moved with the times also, also to our record comparison softwarewe accommodated our cloud option to supply an easy-to-use cooperation platform to access, discuss, and collaborate on documents from any browser-enabled apparatus (like laptops, smartphones, and tablet computers). Workshare’s cloud option also empowers accurate internet rendering of over 200 file formats for additional access to files.

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