The Perception Of Digital Transformation In Terms Of Marketing

The Perception of Digital Transformation in Terms of Marketing

by Alan Jackson — 4 years ago in Future 4 min. read

We have all heard the term digital transformation in closed room meetings and marketing sessions, but rarely did we ever explore what the term actually meant. Ever took a chance at stopping a marketing professional and asking them about digital transformation! I am sure half of them would leave you baffled with a very vague answer. Surely, we all do know that it has something to do with digital systems, and at some point it may have made us ponder,

“What if it means converting all our paper stuff into digital records!”

Apparently, it would’ve been the right answer back in the 90s. Now, we have entered into a completely different era of digitalization. We live in a world where digital does not only mean saving our information as records on digital system, it means the Internet, connectivity, social media, digital media, smart technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Today, digital has reached new heights! It has become more advanced as per the demands of the changing market. Hence, digital transformation exists not in one form but many.

What is Digital Transformation in Terms of Marketing?

While, digital transformation is different for various professional fields, when we talk about digital transformation in terms of marketing, then it is the process of achieving digital excellence by optimizing marketing processes and making the best use of them on Internet.

Confused? Let me be more clear. Digital transformation is all about refining your digital channels in order to give your customers a seamless customer experience. After all, the Internet is a highly competitive environment and customer experience is all that matters.

So, in case, if you’re wondering what digital transformation might feel like for your marketing department, then here is a brief overview on how to implement digital transformation.
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Knowing if You’re Armed with the Right Tools

The first thing you need to do in order to undergo digital transformation is analyze the current marketing tactics and existing marketing tools in order to understand if you are moving in the right direction forward. Yes, the technological era is dramatically transforming, what used to be trending marketing tool back in the month of January this year, might already have become outdated with something more rebellious and engaging! Therefore, it is important that you ask yourself these basic questions?

1) Are you leveraging such marketing tools for your digital marketing agency which are currently trending in the market?

2) Are your marketing tactics aligned with the new ones that are appealing for prospects of the modern day digital world?

If you keep exploring the answers to both of these questions each quarter, it will keep you informed and armed with the right tools. Using them, you can drive your company to success.
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Establish an Inter-connectivity! Bring Down the Silos

Apart from searching up the right tools for your online business, you need to make sure that these systems are interconnected with each other. For example, if you are using Hubspot for reaching out to your customers, then make sure that your social media and emailing campaigns are connected with the Hubspot marketing tool. In this manner, you can easily send you emails to your desired clients from the same platform just as you will be able to social share your published post! Keeping all things in one place will help you keep a better track of things then accessing individual software solutions to track your performance.

Separate software solutions fulfilling different purposes can eventually create silos. And, these silos can often result in creating a digital demise for your online business.

Unless, there are silos, your business cannot undergo a digital transformation.

Lastly, Create the Perfect Customer Journey for Audience

Once, you have successfully integrated powerful channels, it will start giving you advanced insight into the buyer’s journey. The more deeply your channels will entertain customers, the more in-depth analysis you will have on your customer’s buying process. It will help you to identify the weaknesses in your marketing methodologies and help you design a much better and robust marketing strategy for your shopify dropshipping business. Another benefit of identifying the weaknesses in your marketing program will allow you to hatch much better improvements.

Altogether, you will end up creating a more personalized strategy which will eventually lead your business to undergo a digital transformation for your clients and customers alike.
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Where it Ends, It Starts Again! 

The elements of marketing which are the holy grail for your business today, might become obstacles for your business in the near future. Just imagine, what if Steve Jobs stopped at the first version of iPhone and never thought of moving forward with other smart versions! It would’ve put a lid on the smartphone industry then and there.

Similarly, every field (including marketing) undergoes a certain transformation. We live in a day and age where everything which is heard on social media trends. For every query, we seek the assistance of search engines like DuckDuckGo and Google. We prefer to read blogs on Smashing Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, Washington Post, NYtimes, etc. and put our faith in them because we do not want to watch the commercial news.

We have become dependent on digital marketing practices preached by digital marketing agencies and that’s why a digital transformation is in effect everywhere. Moreover, the sad truth is that everything including the technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and therefore, the digital methods which we implement in our practices.

In short, Where we believe it all ends, is just the place where it starts again.

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