The Proven Top 10 No-Code Platforms Of 2021

The Proven Top 10 No-Code Platforms of 2021

by Alekhya Talapatra — 4 years ago in Top 10 8 min. read

Mobile and mobile application usage are constantly rising with each day. Not only in the realms of social media, OTT platforms, and entertainment but also in terms of applications used for business.

Application, mobile, or not have been at the forefront of making life exponentially easier and faster with each day. No code applications have made their way to the forefront of this new ‘digital revolution’.

They have been the guiding direction for marketing and growth strategies for all kinds of businesses. From large FMCG organizations to universities and even tech-based startups, no code has made life easier for everyone.

No-code applications and tools help users build platforms without the need to know or write any code. From workflows, to fully functional websites, and mobile applications of all kinds, no code has changed the game.

These platforms are simple. In most cases, no-code development platforms foster what you see is what you get interfaces that allow users of any kind, create the perfect application for their organization.

The users of no-code applications who have no technical expertise are known as citizen-developers and they have been the ones who have effectively spearheaded this shift to no-code.

While many would believe that this sort of technology was a no-fly in traditional organizations, that is untrue. Larger and older organizations are making more and more of a shift towards no-code application platforms and their cloud-based functionality.

Especially with the increasing need for work from home set-ups, each day the need for no-code platforms increases. Applications today are required sooner than they ever were and the speed of traditional methods is limited.

Just to understand the situation clearly, no-code platforms are one step ahead of low-code platforms that allow users to create applications and platforms with small amounts of code. Both these have been pivotal in the rapid digitization of businesses that have been taking place over the years.

Now that you know what you are getting into, let’s talk about the top 10 no-code applications of 2021 for business applications. We have based this rating on a combination of the functionality and finesse of the platform itself with user ratings and reviews found from a variety of sources.

1.   TrackVia

TrackVia is a no-code and low-code IT solution that used avidly by IT and business professionals alike. TrackVia nabbed the top spot on the list because of its trustworthy nature that translated into the seamless platform that has been created to transform manual processes and data into web and mobile applications.

The drag and drop interface of TrackVia makes working very straightforward. The no-code app automatically provides suggestions in the configuration or editing of apps and also automates the visibility of their functionality. TrackVia also provides updates to existing applications so you never have to worry about that again.

TrackVia is well known for its efficiency inducing interface. It constantly provides suggestions on how to make processes better and faster alongside tracing application usage. The platform has also integrated to-do lists, prioritization charts, task delegation tools, and much more to ensure time is taken care of.

TrackVia offers a demo of their services here and if you enjoy that you can try out their software to see if it fits the needs of your organization here.
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2.   BettyBlocks

The motto behind Betty Blocks is making the building of the complex, enterprise-grade applications easy, fast, and fun. They see themselves as pioneers in the no-code era and have built a platform worthy of that.

Betty Blocks is an organization that looks to ensure that citizen developers are properly integrated into the application building process. They look to challenge what individuals and organizations believe can be digitized and thus improve the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses.

Users love the fact that this platform is accessible from any device, anywhere and ensure that building and innovation never stops. It offers a stable development platform that leaves no room for annoyance within citizen developers and IT professionals alike.

It also offers a variety of methods to constantly build on existing platforms and updates of all kinds. Betty Blocks offers a demo to their platform here and has a collection to platform videos that provide insight into how to use their software well.

3.   Quick Base

Quick Base is a low-code and no-code business application creation platform. With over 6000 companies, 50+ Fortune 100 companies, and many many happy users, Quick Base allows quick creation of ideas into applications. These applications can be used by an organization, shared, and much more.

Quick Base stands out from the rest in the fact that they are involved with many non-profit and fundraising programs alongside the for-profit endeavors they are involved in.

Quick Base also ensures that users have complete access to any kind of edits to their applications and visibility tp their users. Furthermore Quick Base aspires to have an option to any business with any price budget and quick technical service.

Quick Base offers personalized demos of their services here. Further in line with their association with greater causes, they set up a COVID 19 response, that you can see here.

4.   Quixy

Quixy is a cloud-based advanced no-code platform enabling and empowering business users, regardless of the industry vertical, automate processes and build applications without writing any code. The platform differentiates itself from its competition by allowing business users to build complex enterprise-grade applications using visual drag and drop interfaces and helps reduce the time and money behind application development and delivery. With new capabilities added in every new release, Quixy is challenging the assumption of what can be built with the no-code.

Quixy is currently rated Leader – Asia Pacific for no-code application development and is helping businesses in over 10+ industry verticals automate processes and build applications without writing any code.

These include Infrastructure, Logistics, Education, Engineering, and Insurance. Quixy provides ready-to-use solutions for various business functions for a growing variety of business industries.

The platform offers almost endless possibilities of permutations and combination of how applications and workflows can be made. It also offers easy edits of existing applications and is very quick in its no-code data processing capabilities.

Quixy offers a free trial and demo here. Additionally, Quixy has been very involved with helping other businesses with required applications through COVID-19. On the data security from, Quixy is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified. You can check out their resources here.
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5.   Filemaker

Claris has many wonderful platforms, but their no-code endeavor, their file maker platform is a superb workplace innovation platform. It is a business system that allows the creation and sharing of custom mobile and desktop applications.

It is unique in the fact that is can be used by an organization on-premises or on the cloud allowing for maximum speed and flexibility. Claris FileMaker also provides its customers with the knowledge and support of an entire community working on similar projects.

The FileMaker platform has been popular within users especially due to thots ability to effectively synthesize databases, retrieve information quickly, and integrate existing information into new processes. The tools are comprehensive and straightforward while the internal processes are complex and ensure that information is treated effectively every day.

The Claris FileMaker offers a free trial of their services. Or you can learn more about no-code development, the importance of no-code, and how your business can benefit from it through their academy here.

6.   Caspio

Caspio, ranked a leader by Forrester Research, is an all-in-one no-code and low-code platform that provides application building solutions with-out the requirement for coding.

Caspio looks at providing everything a business needs to transform itself into fully digital from operations, logistics, and even workflows. It is integrated into the cloud with a complete database that enables application creation visually.

Caspio ensures enterprise-grade security, regulatory compliance, scalable infrastructure, and high-quality application building tools. Caspio has a customer base of over 12,000 organizations.

The sales team of Caspio has been known to work their hardest in ensuring consumer satisfaction. The simplicity of the platform and the database management functions have proven themselves as the hottest selling points of this application.

Caspio understands that its users will want to get a comprehensive trial of their application before using it in their every day. They offer a free trial here. Additionally, they provide one free application to all their first-time users that you can learn more about here.

7.   Kissflow

Kissflow is one the first of its kind and has maintained that by becoming the best in its class over the years. It is a Unified Digital workplace Platform, that allows management of all the work of a business in one location.

Kissflow is used across the world in over 160 countries by over 10,000 unique customers. Kissflow was built by individuals who used to be a part of the mess that was developing before this software was created and they believe that this gives them the upper hand in knowing how to stay ahead of the game.

Their platform allows users to discover, create, modify, and use business applications. From low code to no code, they have it all covered.

Kissflow has been highly rated by its users for the various capabilities it holds in terms of diversity of types of applications that can be created but also in terms of the usage of these applications.

Other than the normal HR, procurement, and finance systems most low-doge platforms support. Kissflow has paved the way for integrating low-code development into school systems as well.

Get a free trial to Kissflow here. Or, learn more about the functions of a system like Kissflow and the potential it provides to a business of any size through their webinars here.
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8.   Kintone

Kintone is a no-code business application creation platform that is in the business of empowering citizen developers. It enables the creation of applications through clicks instead of code and can automate business processes.

It helps integrate departments and enables cooperation and collaboration between different departments via the platform. Business reporting is also made easy with an integrated dashboard. Kintone provides a mix of pre-built applications and templates to get users started on their journey.

Kintone has been commended in its abilities to effectively transfer and track data, create applications, and offer business solutions. Additionally, it allows small nonprofits with opportunities to grow as well.

Kintone offers a free trial which you can request here. To help users better understand their services through what they call ‘deminars’ which you can access here.

9.   Airtable

Airtable is a platform that aims to build empowering solutions to increase business agility within teams. They have put in over $170 Million in funding and have put it towards ensuring that their software is in place for the most efficient utilization by creators.

While Airtable may often seem like a spreadsheet at first glance, they promise to offer solutions to optimizing critical processes and workflows. In addition to their technical capabilities, Airtable also promises to help tailor workplace relationships and team integrations.

Airtable has been extremely successful in integrating their processes through the transparency they provide to the users. They are known to be reliable and have the tools to balance functional and professional to allow their clients to reach their highest potential.

Airtable also offers many features that help build team efficiency and separate processes wherever required.

You can try out different workplace integrations via Airtable here or take a glimpse into their universe and the plethora of projects they have been involved in here.
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10.  AppSheet

AppSheet is a no-code platform trusted by creative creators and enterprises alike. From organizations like Clearlink, Enterprise Holdings, ESPN, Pepsi, Husqvarna, and more.

They have been accredited by Forrester and offer a multitude of ways to create an application in a fast, easy, and scalable manner. The four methods they offer are; connecting existing data sources copying sample applications, use as an add on to database management applications or by using their natural language declarative programming tool.

Users have fallen in love with how seamlessly the integration of AppSheet takes place with other cloud-based applications. The accessibility has also been praised as it seems to make vital information and management easy at any time, anywhere.

The application aims to cut down on the back and forth traditional applications bring alongside them and the repetitions increased developmental time cause.

AppSheet lets users begin their usage of their application for free and have a plethora of sample applications here.

While the world has slowed down this year, businesses have had to work twice as hard to keep up their revenues. However, the one thing keeping them going can be seen to be their digitized processes.

These applications have proven themselves to be effective in their methods of helping businesses digitize themselves and move forward, in the time of crisis, or otherwise.

Make sure to let us know of your experience using any of these no-code applications or if this list helped you move one step forward towards satiating your inner citizen developer. Additionally, let us know if your favorite no-code platform didn’t make the cut and why we should review them in our next article.

Alekhya Talapatra

Mr. A. Talapatra has more than 19 years of managerial career in Maruti Suzuki, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Dell. He did his PGDBM from XLRI (Xavier Labour Research Institute) and Ph.D. from AMU (Aligarh Muslim University) in Retailing. He is a visiting faculty at Fore School of Management, IMI (International Management Institute) Delhi and IMT, Ghaziabad. He is currently the Vice President at Navayuga Infotech – South Africa based in Johannesburg.

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