8 Inexpensive Gadgets Every Modern Day Student Should Own

8 Inexpensive Gadgets Every Modern Day Student Should Own

by Usman Akram — 3 years ago in Gadgets 7 min. read

There was a time when the only things owned by students included books, notebooks, pens and a few other simple accessories. As the time has changed, many different trends and cultures have also modified.

Students of modern day no more solely depend on books for their studies but there are many other things that have taken the top place in the list of students’ needs. This is the age of digital world and if you are a student yourself then you can better get to know about your needs being a student.

If you need to find some information about a specific topic, which source you will most probably use? I’m sure that only 0.1% students will consult books in the library.

The rest of them will take out a cell phone from their pocket or they will switch on their laptop and will search the given topic in Google or any other search engine. Isn’t it!

Based on the needs of modern day students and on the innovations in the technology and equipment, we decided to recommend some of the best gaming laptops under $2000 and many other affordable gadgets so that they can get better grades and they can seek knowledge in more comfortable manner.

Top 8 Must-have inexpensive gadgets for students:

When it comes to the gadgets and accessories related to the needs of students, the very first question that comes in our minds is that what is the level of the students? Are they school going?

Are they university or college level students? On the basis of their level, gadgets can be recommended more appropriately. Anyways, we are going to discuss about some general inexpensive gadgets for students that every modern day student should have:

1.     Cell phone

Cell phone seems to be the very basic need of modern day students. Among inexpensive gadgets for students, Cell phone is being considered as the top priority. Actually, there is a big variety among cell phones. If you have been looking for a gadget that would only be enough for your study needs then you can look for an affordable and cheapest phone that would have internet browser and some basic function.

Students can use cell phones for study purpose in a number of ways. For example, they can stay in contact with their fellows and teachers, they can make study groups over social media, they can share study related stuff and they can search for the information in their mobiles.

If you find any interesting stuff anywhere you go, just take out your cell phone, capture and image and there you go! I know that it won’t be possible for you to remember that piece of information in a single eye blink but your cell phone will allow you to save it within just a second.

Even you can capture the pages of any book from library for later studies rather than issuing that book from library. A cell phone comes with many different functions and even you can store many applications in it. It serves as reminder, calculator, browser, and many other things.

Hence, if you have been looking for inexpensive gadgets for students then don’t forget about owning a cell phone.

2.     Laptop

If you are a university or college level student then you must have a laptop as well. Although there is an option of desktop computer but when it comes to the portability feature, laptops are highly recommended to the students. It would be difficult for modern students to take notes by hands.

They can easily make notes by typing in their laptops. Taking electronic notes is not only faster but it is flexible as well. As an instance, you can search any term in your notes and you can directly get to that term within no time at all.

Moreover, you can circulate electronic notes among your fellows easily. Electronic notes are editable as well. You can add more information, yah can delete unnecessary information or you can make changes without making mess in your notes.

Frankly speaking, electronic notes are the best option for those students who have poor handwriting or even for those who have slow writing speed.

Making electronic notes is just one purpose of laptop. Besides that, there are a number of other benefits of laptop for students of modern day. It is considered as one of the inexpensive gadgets for students. However, prices of laptops may differ on the basis of their features, appearance and other aspects.

3.     EBooks

Being a student, you might not be having an income source of our own but you would be depending on the money of your parents. Purchasing physical books might be costly for you. This is why it would be a better choice to own eBooks for your study course rather than printed books. Most importantly, eBooks or electronics books environment friendly. Researches prove that millions of trees are used to fulfill the demand of papers and books all over the world. Hence, increasing demand of books will be helpful to save the nature in long term.

Another common reason to use eBooks rather than paper books is that these books are never lost and no one can take it from you until and unless you share it by yourself with them. If you are a bookworm then you must look for electronic books related to your study field and interest over the internet.

Keep it in your mind that there are some eBooks that are totally free but there are some paid eBooks as well for which you need to pay money. Anyways, eBooks are still cheaper than paper books because there are no printing charges involved in them. Therefore, eBooks would serve as one of the best inexpensive gadgets for students.
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4.     Digital notebooks

Gone are the days when students used to have paper notebook end a pen to write. This is a modern world and this is the age of digital technology. Among inexpensive gadgets for students, a new gadget has been added recently and that is “digital notebooks”. Have you got the term?

Well, in a digital notebook, you are provided with some specific space to write. You can take notes in those digital notebooks or you can practice sums or even you can note down your day-to-day tasks in them.

By having a digital notebook, you can impress those of your class for those who are not having this latest gadget. Search ability and the integrity of data or two most common benefits of an electronic notebook. It allows organizing your data in in better way for example you can organize topics in an alphabetical order or according to the dates.

In simple words, and electronic notebook comes with customized options for the students. It is been considered as one of the best inexpensive gadgets for students.

There are electronic notebooks out there offered by different brands, in different features and at different prices. It depends on your budget that which electronic notebook you can afford.

I would personally suggest you to purchase an inexpensive digital notebook if you are going to purchase such a gadget for the first time. If you will have a good experience then you can think about purchasing an advanced electronic notebook with more features.

5.     External hard drive

The most hectic thing to manage for students is to save their notes for long term. Making notes is easier but saving them and using them later on is difficult.

This is why; many students prefer to save their notes in a digital form. In this way, they can easily search for the relevant information or topic at any time whenever they want to do.

There are external hard drives out there. Students can have an external hard drive to stay away from the storage or memory issue. External hard drive will serve as a way to back up the university or college work.

If you are a gamer, even then this hard drive will serve as the best gadget for you. When you will get tired of studies and you will be looking for relaxation time then you can attach this external hard drive to your laptop and can enjoy your favorite games or movies.

If you are having a backup of your notes in an external hard drive then I am sure that you are never going to lose those notes. Inexpensive gadgets for students just like an external hard drive can help students in a number of ways and they have made their lives much easier.
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6.     Portable charger

It is not a basic need of students but they might depend on it indirectly. If you are having a laptop or cell phone then there are chances that the batteries of your devices may get short of power.

This is why you are suggested to have a portable charger. It won’t drain a lot of money from your pocket but it is considered as one of inexpensive gadgets for students.

Where you go, you will not have to face the fear of running out of battery because you will be able to charge your devices with the help of that portable charger. Keep your devices charged and keep yourself able to search for anything at any time over the internet on your devices.

You are not going to miss any important notification from your teachers for your class fellows in your study groups because of the reason of running out of battery.

7.     Portable printer

You would be familiar with the printer but there would be many of you who are going to get information about portable printer for the first time here.

A lot of new advancements are being made in the technology on a daily basis. Portable printers have been introduced to make things much easier for students, jobians and even for businessmen.

No matter where you are, you can take the hard copy of your notes within no time directly from your phone by just a few clicks. There is no need to stick to your table for the sake of taking prints of your notes anymore!

Portable printers might not be considered as inexpensive gadgets for students but if you can afford it then you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits.

8.     Personal coffee maker

Students have a lot of metal burden because of their studies. They are supposed to relieve the stress so that they can focus on their studies.

If you are a student is used to study till late night then no one else is going to serve you coffee at that time because your family members might be sleeping. It would be a great idea to have a personal coffee maker.

It will let you make a cup of strong coffee for yourself at any time when you feel stressed. A cup of coffee will make your mind relaxed and it will give you a lot of energy for that you can get back to your studies.

Coffee makers are really considered as inexpensive gadgets for students. There is a big variety of coffee makers out there on the basis of their quality and sizes.

Choose the one that is affordable for you and that can meet your need.
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Don’t you think that the inexpensive gadgets for students recommended by us will make your life easier! In the modern day world, there is tough competition in everything.

Whether it is any business or study, only those win who are up to the latest thing and who are up to date. In order to stay up to date, you must make use of updated and advanced gadgets and tools.

Over the internet, tons of new information sources are uploaded on a daily basis. You must go through the latest information and researches and it is all possible if you have modern day gadgets.

Hence, make yourself updated and be competent among your fellows. Modern day inexpensive gadgets for students will not only let you seek the knowledge in a better way but they will allow you to stay in contact with your fellow and to stay social.

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