Apple Watch Straps: Which Apple Watch And Strap Is Right For You?

Apple Watch Straps: Which Apple Watch And Strap Is Right For You?

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Gadgets 5 min. read

Fitness, health, safety, and connections are four things the Apple Watch prides itself on. They call it the ultimate fitness partner because of all its amazing health benefits.

This includes a Noise App that helps you detect loud noises that could potentially damage your hearing, a fall detection feature that calls emergency services if you fall and don’t get up to say you’re okay, an ECG App that monitors your heart rate to warn you of any issues, and loads more.

There are simply plenty of pros to the Apple Watch and each new model they release is packed with even more features that can help you live your best life. So if your mind is set in getting one for yourself, the next step is choosing the best model for you. Now, don’t you fret because we are here to help!

Apple Watches: Finding The Best Model For You

Apple Watches

First up, we’re gonna take a deeper look at all three models that Apple currently has available for our Apple Watch comparison.

Apple Watch Series 3: An Entry to the Apple Watch World

Apple Watch Series 3

Photo: Andres Urena

Series 3, Apple Watch’s 4th generation model, was released in September of 2017. This makes it the oldest model on the list and consequently the most affordable at only $199. But does it hold up 4 years later?

Well, it has the basic features you’d expect in an Apple Watch however it doesn’t have the unique upgrades the newer models do like the Noise App, ECG Sensor, and fall detection. That said, it’s a good watch to start with for its price.

So if you’re on a tighter budget and you don’t really mind having all the bonus features or newer designs, you might want to consider this model for yourself. It’s currently available in 2 colors — Silver and Space Gray.

Price: Starts at $199


Apple Watch SE: A Great Alternative

Apple Watch Series 3

Photo: David Švihovec

When did the Apple Watch SE come out? In September of 2020, on the same day they released the Series 6. Both models were part of their 2020 lineup with the Apple Watch SE being the lower-cost option.

This model looks exactly like the Series 6 and has many of the same features apart from the ECG and blood oxygen sensor. It doesn’t come with an Always-On display either. But is the Apple Watch SE waterproof? Yes, up to 50 meters.

On the whole in our Apple Watch Series 6 vs SE comparison, this might just be the watch for you if you’re looking for one with all the best features at a lower price. It can be a really good choice if you don’t think you need all the advanced health tracking methods. You can also choose from 3 case colors for the SE model: Silver, Space Gray, and Gold.
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Price: Starts at $279


Apple Watch Series 6: The Best One Yet

Apple Watch Series 6

Photo: Vladislav Bychkov

Apple’s feature-packed and most pricey watch is the Series 6 Apple Watch. What is the difference between Apple Watch 6 and SE? Basically, Series 6 has featured the SE doesn’t such as blood oxygen measuring which is done through a sensor and an app as well as the ability to take your ECG anywhere you are.

As you’d expect, these options already make it a more efficient fitness tracker. This model also comes with an Always-On Retina display which can display time and other things for you even when your wrist is down and it also happens to be brighter than the one from Series 5.

Is the Apple Watch 6 waterproof? Just like the rest of the Apple Watches, it’s water-resistant up to 50 meters. And like the Apple Watch SE and earlier models such as Series 4 and 5, the Series 6 is available in 44mm or 40mm sizes. However, this model has more color options available. You can choose from Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Blue, and Red.

So if you had to pick between Apple Watch 6 vs SE, that would truly depend on your needs and budget. But take note that Series 7 will be released very soon so it really is best to wait for it to come out before making your final decision.

Price: Starts at $399


Apple Watch Straps: Designs You Will Love

Apple Watch Straps

Photo: Alex Azabache

When purchasing an Apple Watch, you also have the option to choose from countless band designs and colors from the Apple Store. But because Apple straps are known to be quite expensive, we’ve come up with a list of our favourite third-party bands just for you!

Urban Armor Gear Dot Silicone Strap (Aubergine)

Urban Armor Gear


Premium soft-touch silicone-like no other! The Urban Armor Gear Silicone Strap provides comfort for your wrist and is designed with textured dots that give it a fun and lively feel. We love the color Aubergine because it’s sleek and modern. This strap is also available in 40/38 mm and 44/42 mm Apple Watches.
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Price: $39.95


The Posh Tech Stainless Steel Strap (Black)

The Posh Tech Stainless Steel Strap



The Posh Tech has designed a classic black stainless steel watch strap that is the perfect blend of elegance and simplicity. You can also adjust the size with its removable links. We think it’s perfect for work, travel, and home use! This strap is compatible with 40/38 mm and 44/42 mm Apple Watches too.

Price: $35.00


WsC Woven Nylon Strap (Coffee)

WsC Woven Nylon Strap


It’s incredibly lightweight and stylish! Crafted from over 500 threads woven together with a durable 316L stainless steel buckle, the Coffee Woven Nylon Strap by WsC is an instant classic! Whether you wear it to a work event or to a simple afternoon walk, it’s just perfect! This strap is also compatible with every Apple Watch Series out there (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & SE).

Price: $43.50


And there you have it! Hopefully, this article can help you decide which Apple Watch and Apple Watch Strap is best for you.

Series 7 is premiering next month and we can’t wait for all the new features Apple has in store in their newest model. Stay tuned for an updated comparison list when it comes out!

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