[3 Methods] To Fix One AirPod Not Working (100% Working)

How To Fix One AirPod Not Working Issue? 3 Quick Solution!

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Gadgets 4 min. read

Updated on 03 November 2023 

One Airpods not working? Turn off the bluetooth and put your Airpods back in the case. Now, charge your Airpod case and wait for 5 minutes and try connecting again.

Why is my one Airpod not working? Or is my left ear Airpod not charging?

Is it happening to you? Don’t know what to do?

[3 Great Method] to fix one airpod not working issue:

  1. Turn Bluetooth On and Off
  2. Try forget your airpods and reconnect
  3. Adjust stereo balance feature

Continue reading our blog to learn in detail.

Is your one Airpod not working or producing no audio when hearing music or talking with someone?

AirPods from Apple is a wire-free tech that has come out as an innovative gadget around the world. Given that, more than 45 million users are using AirPods and 94% of them are finding it worth more than other gadgets such as Samsung’s Galaxy buds pro.

It is cool to know that you have AirPods, that too latest one. But it is bad to hear that only one airpod is working.

In this case, you might be tempted to know why one AirPods is not working while it was working perfectly fine just a day before.

To be honest, there is no science involved… indeed, it could be a glitch.

But sometimes, it is also true that you may have purchased a damaged product.

Relax…. This blog is dedicated to you, those looking for a solution for one airpod not working. I’ve mentioned the top reasons to know why one airpod does not work along with genuine fixes to get back audio on both ears.

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Reasons Why Only One AirPods Is Not Working

Many people believe that one airpod is not working because of any glitch in the moment trying pairing. That is possibly so true, but not hundred percent.

Following are the top reasons why only one airpod is working.

May be one AirPods having no sound

If audio is coming only from one ear-side and the other produces no sound, this could mean that one earpiece of the Airpod is defective or gets damaged accidentally. At this point, cleaning the debris will also not work.

Might be AirPods not paired properly

Airpods are based on wireless connectivity and can be paired through only bluetooth (and with-in sourced range). You can connect your Airpods with any Apple device, say iPad and iPhone, even with Android devices too. If you have your Airpods connected with various Operating Systems, it might be casual to notice pairing snags that cause it to connect AirPods properly.

Possibly one AirPod ran-out from battery

AirPods work properly when they have sufficient power. When falling into critical battery level, could create an audio delay in your Airpods which can lead you to experience hearing audio in only one earpiece. I recommend you to use your Airpods when it has a good amount of battery percentage and avoid using them when noticing lower battery life.

Try These Fixes When One AirPod Is Not Working

One AirPod Not Working Here's How to Fix the Problem

Why isn’t my left airpod working? Why is my right airpod not working? Try the following fixes to get back audio in both ear piece.

1. Turn Bluetooth On and Off

You might not hear the audio in one AirPod because maybe the audio is not properly being sent from the device you connected through bluetooth. In this case, you can try reconnecting your AirPods with bluetooth. On iPhone and iPad including iPod, go to Setting > Bluetooth > Switch it off (first), and then click again to turn it on.

2. Try Forget Device Method

Still not hearing audio in one Airpod? You can do one more thing to solve one airpod not working problem. Try connecting your Airpods again but this time from the start.

  • Go to bluetooth setting
  • Tap on ‘i’ next to the Airpods
  • Click on Forget this Device to make a new connection

This will forget your Airpods. Upon new search, it will establish a new connection with your AirPods.

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3. Check Stereo Balance

Probably you do not hear the audio in one AirPod because you may unknowingly set the outflow path of audio to either the left side or right side, but not stereo. To get the audio in both Airpods, you should check for the stereo balance feature on your device.

Learn how to adjust Stereo balance on different devices and systems.

A. How to adjust Stereo balance on iPhone

  • Open Setting > Accessibility
  • Find Audio/Video option under Hearing section
  • Check for the slider, it should be in the midway between L and R. If it is not so, make that balance.

B. How to adjust Stereo balance on Android

  • Go to Setting > Additional Setting
  • Open Accessibility option
  • Scroll to the Hearing section and adjust audio hearing to the mid between the L and R.

C. How to adjust Stereo balance on Mac

  • Open the Mac’s system preference setting
  • Click on Sound icon
  • Under Output, select the AirPods type from the list
  • Ensure that the audio slider is midway between the Left and Right.

Many people also encounter a problem of AirPods not connecting with Mac properly resulting in hearing no sound upon various attempts. I’ve pointed out some issues and fixes… go and read.

I am sure you will find these solutions effective and time-saving. By leveraging one airpod is not a working guide, you will get a satisfied result upon reading and trying.

Also, read some common frequently asked questions by the general users.


Why is my AirPod only playing in one Ear?

If your AirPods, whether AirPods (2nd Generation), AirPods (3rd Generation), AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max, produce audio on only one side, something’s wrong. The cause could be anything mentioned above. For a solution, read this again.

Why is my left AirPod not working when talking on my phone?

When there is a glitch developed at the pairing moment, it may cause you to experience audio on only one side of the AirPods.

How to fix one airpod not working issue with my Android device?

If you are experiencing one airpod not working with an Android device, you can either restart your android device or reboot Airpods for a fresh connection establishment to solve this problem.

How to fix one airpod not connected issue with my iPad/iPhone device?

Well, there is not a single solution to deal with this issue. The cause can range from very basic snagging (low battery charge) to complex problems (audio setting manipulation). Read this blog to solve the AirPods audio connection problem with iPhone/iPad.

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