The Latest Central Heating Tech For Your Home

The Latest Central Heating Tech For Your Home

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Gadgets 2 min. read

Home tech has taken great strides in the last few years, enabling smart automation for many tasks from light switches, door locks to robot vacuums.

When it comes to heating your home, the advancements have made doing so ever easier and provide much more control than ever before. Here is some of the latest tech relating to your central heating that you should consider for your home.

The Latest Central Heating Tech For Your Home

Towel Radiators

Much more than just a way to heat the room, radiators have become somewhat of a designer choice in many homes. Far removed from the traditional image of a standard white radiator, a towel rail radiator can be the perfect addition to a modern bathroom that can easily connect to your existing central heating.

A convenient way to dry towels as well as regulate the temperature of the bathroom, these hybrid radiators are the perfect solution to save space and maximize productivity. Connectivity to a smart hub through an adaptor can ensure wireless control from a smartphone or tablet in the same way other devices can be controlled.
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Smart Thermostats

Being able to control your whole central heating from the tap of a touchscreen is not future tech any longer or reserved for the wealthy. It is very much current technology and affordable for many, allowing wireless control from a tablet or smartphone as well as a centralized hub within the home.

Being able to regulate the exact temperature you need can ensure you keep a constant temperature throughout the home, automatically adjusting to ensure comfort all year round without having to adjust radiators manually in each room. There are now many options of smart thermostats on the market so you can find the right choice for your needs within your budget.

Smart Radiator Valves

Taking the central heating control one step further, smart radiator valves enable wireless connection to your internet-enabled device and directly regulate each radiator.

These do not require a smart thermostat or hub to be used, so are a cheaper option to heat individual rooms. Smart radiator valves easily replace the existing manual valves that come as standard on modern radiators, with some complete with a small LCD with the current temperature.

These are a great way to start building out your smart central heating and can then be connected to a central thermostat for full control.
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Underfloor Heating

Whilst many rooms in the home will have a wall-mounted radiator, another popular solution is underfloor heating, especially for rooms with tiled floors. No longer seen as a luxury addition, heating the floor can be a great option for bathrooms or even kitchens if you are not a fan of having cold feet.

They also are another way to heat the room and can be linked to a smart thermostat for easy control. You can find both electric underfloor heating systems as well as water systems that connect to your central heating directly. Bring that luxury hotel feel to your wet room or bathroom and enjoy the heat from below.

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