Top Ten Things To Do With An Old IPad

Top Ten Things to do with an Old iPad

by Stewart McGrenary — 3 years ago in Gadgets 4 min. read

So you’ve updated your iPad, and you don’t have time to sell your old one. You don’t want to throw it out, but you don’t want it to leave it taking up space when it could be put to good use.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to repurpose a spare iPad. Here are ten possibilities:

Top Ten Things to do with an Old iPad

  1. Use it as a dashcam

One of the best-known features of an iPad is the high-resolution camera. Why not fix your iPad on your car’s dashboard to act as a dashcam and record and monitor traffic while you are on the road.

Dashcams are a great way of protecting drivers from fraud and generally providing evidence in the event of a road accident. As long as you have a dashcam app and plenty of video storage, your old iPad could save you money and protect you and your car.

  1. Turn it into a security camera

This suggestion uses the same principle as a dashcam. If you have a suitable power source and a means of protecting it from the weather, you can easily mount your old iPad outside your property where it can be used as a surveillance camera.

A bit of electrical knowhow and you could connect it to your Wi-Fi for continuous surveillance of your property.

It might be worth paying for a cloud storage solution each month or buying extra storage to record your home security footage.
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  1. Make a digital photo frame

This could be a fun project for yourself or a lovely yet inexpensive present for a family member. Spend a few pounds on a suitable holder for the device and install one of many potential Slideshop apps.

Plug it in, connect it to your Wi-Fi, and sync your photos using a cloud photo account. No need to purchase photo frames anymore with this ingenious idea.

  1. Extend your PC monitor

Have you ever considered using your old tablet as a monitor for your desktop? As long as the screen is in good working order, there is no reason why not.

Although not suitable for use in the workplace, this would make an ideal solution for home conferencing calls, online gaming, and chat rooms. You will require a Lightning cable, and you can instantly enjoy an extra side monitor.

  1. Use it as a multimedia server

If you have enough storage capacity, your former iPad could be used as a server for all your music and films.

There’s no need to pay for costly subscription services to keep your media files in the cloud; you can simply sync your files to your iPad and operate a dedicated media app, such as Plex.

This allows you to stream to all other connected devices via Bluetooth or on your Wi-Fi network without separately transferring your files to each one.

Moreover, as it’s hosted on your own private server, you can avoid paying expensive hosting fees as you own the data outright.

  1. Give it to your pets

The pet industry is always eager to jump into new technology, so there are plenty of apps designed for your dog and cat’s entertainment that can keep them busy even when you are not at home to keep them company.

Find your four-legged friend’s favourite companion app and set up the iPad in a permanent place where they can play unattended. Better yet, install a video chat app to connect with them from outside the house!
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  1. Install it in your kitchen

Having a compact and discreet interactive instruction screen in the kitchen makes making even complex recipes easier for novice cooks. After all, kitchen televisions have been popular for years.

Not only do they provide entertainment at mealtimes, but they also allow you to closely follow the steps of cooking programmes while you watch them.

Source a tablet stand that works with your favourite space in the kitchen and looks forward to adding some 21st-century spice to your meal preparation.

  1. Create a smart home controller

If you spend money upgrading iPads but haven’t invested a pound in smart home technology, you really should! Keeping up with the latest technological innovations will enable you to make your home more comfortable than ever, and it doesn’t even have to cost much.

Your former tablet can operate as an all-in-one device to control your thermostat, security panel, light switches, security panel, and theatre system.

You can use your old tech as a life hack to upgrade your home to your next-generation, all while using your existing Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Use it as an e-reader

Although many think that Amazon has cornered the e-reader market with the Kindle, virtually any tablet can indeed be used as an e-reader.

E-books are much cheaper than physical copies, and you can select any of your favourite reading apps to get started.

E-book readers frequently feature excellent highlighting tools that allow you to annotate passages, and it is even possible to upload your best-loved sections to the cloud for future use.
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  1. Recycle it

If you don’t fancy any of these options for your old iPad, the best and most environmentally friendly thing to do is recycle it.

You can achieve great satisfaction from your iPad when you purchase a new device and returning the old one to an iPad recycling company.

This is a brilliant “green” option, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve kept your unwanted technology out of the landfill and repurposed for good use.

Stewart McGrenary

Stewart McGrenary is the Managing director of iPad- Recycle. To find out more you can visit iPad Recycle.

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