What Is New In QuickBooks Desktop 2021?

What is new in QuickBooks desktop 2021?

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Gadgets 4 min. read

When it comes down to the software solutions being used in business then most of the business owners become highly concerned about it since they know that the type of software solution they will use, will play a lead role in the success of their business.

This is one of the most important reasons why most of the businesses out there focus so much on selecting some of the best software solutions that are available in the market. And when it comes down to something important like accounting then no business owner is ready to compromise.

When you will begin your hunt for some of the best accounting solutions out there in the market then you will stumble upon many options but the one solution that stands out from the crowd and surpasses the expectation of all the users is the QuickBooks accounting solution.

In the modern era, QB accounting solution is proving to be one of the most robust, easy to use, and advanced accounting solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Even accounting professionals are using advanced accounting software for streamlining their bookkeeping practices.

If you are already using QB then you must be aware of the fact that every year, Intuit comes up with a new version of the accounting software during the month of August or September and it is going to do the same for this year as well.

You should know that this year, Intuit is focusing on automation, and therefore, you will see many of the features of QB that used to be manual getting automated completely. There has not been an official announcement from QuickBooks regarding the accounting software but soon you will get an option to update the new version.

But till then, let’s explore some of the latest features of the all-new QuickBooks 2021 through this blog post.

Increased focus on subscription options

With the launch of the new version of QuickBooks 2021, Intuit is going to focus more on the subscription options and it can be seen by the new changes that will come along with the new version.

You should know that Intuit is going to influence all its user to opt for the QuickBooks Desktop plus subscription offerings.

By opting for this subscription model, you will get the opportunity to keep working on the same platform that you have been using from a long period of time but along with this, you will get many benefits like automatic data backup and recovery without any additional cost and you will even get unlimited customer support without paying even a single extra penny.
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Easy process of customizing the payment receipt

You must be aware of the feature of sending and printing sales receipts in QB as it is one of the most common features that come along with any accounting software, but the last year, Intuit offered the new feature of sending multiple invoices in a single email.

But this is not it, as now Intuit has planned to make this process much easier by giving the option of customizing the payment receipt for all its users.

You should know that now as per your need, you will be able to customize the payment receipt and that will be one of the biggest reliefs for most of the QB users.

You should know that users have been demanding this feature from a very long period of time and that’s why Intuit has finally launched this feature without any delay. This will make dealing with the payment easier and quicker as well.

Create customer group on the rule base

If you are already a QB user then you must be using the unique feature of QuickBooks that allows the users to create customer groups. This group is basically used by firms in order to categorize their customers as per their needs and purchasing behavior. Because of this feature, the firms don’t have to deal with customer data on an individual basis as it will consume a lot of time.

But you should know that by launching the new version of QuickBooks 2021, you will now get the feature of creating a rule-based customer group and this will help all the users to better categorize the information they have regarding the customers.
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Better discounts

There is no denial in the fact that Intuit has always focused on making its products economical for the customers since its target market is always small and medium-sized businesses along with accounting professionals.

This is one of the main reasons why QuickBooks is one of the cheapest yet effective accounting solutions available in the market.

Well, Intuit is going to continue this trend by offering some eye-catching and hard to believe discounts for its users and it is going to do it by offering a 25% of heavy discount on its Desktop plus subscription but this is not it as along with this, you will get also get 10% discount on all the one-time purchase products.

If you are also interested in the QuickBooks desktop 2021 hosting and want to check cost then you can visit Cloudwalks to compare the pricing for QuickBooks cloud hosting from other venders in the market.

As you can see, QuickBooks is going to get completely revolutionized with the new version and according to the experts, the new version will easily surpass the expectation of the users.

Everybody out there is waiting for the arrival of the new version as we are almost at the end of the month of September but you don’t need to worry as soon you will get the option to update your accounting software very easily.

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