A Step-By-Step Guide For Your Invisalign Treatment

A Step-By-Step Guide for Your Invisalign Treatment

by Emily Taylor — 4 years ago in Health 2 min. read

After you’ve decided to get the perfect smile with straight teeth, you will have the first consultation with the orthodontist for Invisalign treatment.

Your orthodontist will discuss the Invisalign process with you, brief you about how the Invisalign treatment process works, how to deal with the Invisalign pain and discuss the cost of your treatment.  This will arm you with all the information you need to decide whether or not you want to go ahead with the Invisalign treatment.

Here’s a look at how the Invisalign treatment process works:

Step 1: The Measurements

After you’ve decided to go ahead with the Invisalign process, your orthodontist will take X-rays of your mouth, teeth, and face from a variety of angles, an impression of your teeth and photographs of your teeth to custom-make the clear aligners for you.

Step 2: A Few Customizations

Some patients undergoing Invisalign treatment process might need small composite patches applied to individual teeth so that Invisalign aligners can be fitted on with a clear grip.

Depending on your individual case, you may also require interproximal reduction. This means that the dentist will sand away some enamel to free up space between crowded teeth — this process allows your teeth more room to be straightened properly.

Step 3: Putting On Your First Set of Invisalign

After your orthodontist takes X-rays and has initial impressions of your teeth, the preparatory work for the first set of aligners is done.

When you are fitted with the first set of your Invisalign aligners, they will have a snug, tight fit. Your orthodontist might test a few molds on your teeth till they see which is the best fit.
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You need to wear your Invisalign, almost 24*7, even when you are sleeping. You can take them out when you are having your meals and when you are brushing your teeth. You need to set up a routine of cleaning your aligners every day.

You might feel some initial discomfort in the first few days of your Invisalign treatment process, but you will gradually ease into it, and after a while, you won’t notice them at all.

Step 5: Keeping Up with Orthodontic Appointments

You may have to see your orthodontist every six weeks so that your doctor can make fresh molds of your teeth as the treatment progresses, and your teeth get straighter.

However, your orthodontist may give you a new set of aligners to change into every two weeks.
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Once you have completed your Invisalign treatment process, you may not notice a huge difference in your smile, the way you would with regular braces. This is because you never stopped seeing your teeth through your clear aligners, gradually getting straightened.

Your orthodontist may advise you to wear a retainer after you are done with your orthodontic treatment since there’s a risk of your teeth reverting to their original positions over time.

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