7 Useful Apps For Students In 2021

7 Useful Apps for Students in 2021

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Mobile Apps 3 min. read

We all know and remember how difficult it is to be a student. Nowadays, it is more complicated to study – there is more and more information and less and less time.

However, the undeniable advantage of the 21st century is an abundance of technologies that can simplify our lives. We have made a list of the most convenient software solutions that each student should have at one’s disposal.

7 Useful Apps for Students in 2021

1. MyStudyLife

This application was created specifically for schoolchildren and students. You can schedule lessons, set tasks, and reminders. MyStudyLife is completely free and available on iOS and Android, and in browsers: plan a week from your laptop and check the schedule from your phone. For the student, MyStudyLife can completely replace the paper planner.
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2. CoolUtils

Students have to do a lot of paperwork, which means that it’s impossible to avoid file converters on this list. It is a universal tool able to help you cope with various small tasks like converting doc to pdf, combining thousands of pdf files, creating bookmarks, etc. You can download the PDF combiner from CoolUtils by following the link.


3. Todait

The Korean Todait app is suitable for long-term goals like exam preparation and learning new skills. This is not only a scheduler: it can measure how much time is spent on a specific task. Todait also helps to develop a habit of daily study – it is really convenient because it is easier to remember information in small volumes. The app is available only on iOS and Android.

4. Recordium

Today, we will not surprise anyone with a voice recorder. However, the distinctive feature of Recodium is that it can accentuate the most significant points of the lecture. This will save the user from unnecessary manipulations, such as scrolling through the record in order to find the desired or important segment. Since everyone knows that lectures are not a five-minute action, this tool will come in handy.

5. Student Beans

This application was created specifically for students who care about their budget and want to save money; it gives you access to many discounts and special offers from fast-food chains, clothing stores, fitness centers, cinemas, and shopping centers.

Student Beans

6. Alarmy

This is the coolest app for students who are especially afraid to oversleep an exam or lecture; this is an alarm clock that cannot be turned off with one click. Instead, you need to do a certain action: for example, take a photo of a specific object, solve a riddle, etc., after which you are unlikely to fall asleep again. By the way, this application is already installed on 13,000,000 devices around the world!
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7. WiFi Finder

This application will help you better navigate in a new city where you came as a student or tourist; the app helps you quickly find the nearest free Wi-Fi network to which you can connect.

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