How To Fix TV Grey Screen Issue? 2024 Guide

How To Fix TV Grey Screen Issue? 2024 Guide

by Alan Jackson — 3 weeks ago in Review 5 min. read

The TV grey screen issue is an obvious problem to be seen in Television (TV).

And perhaps this intrigue for a reason. Sometimes, you may see lines on the screen, blurred screen, double images, and odd colors.

Indeed, at that time, you may be frustrated and looking for a quick solution.

Here’s a quick solution to fix grey screen issue during playback:

  • Change input source
  • Check signal source
  • Reset TV settings

In most cases, changing input and signal source help resolve this issue easily.

Unfortunately, in some scenario(s), these won’t be helpful. You need more helpful methods.

This is where my blog is worth reading. Save time and efforts by looking at the tested solutions for varying problems related to TV picture and screen issues.

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What Is Grey Screen?

In the context of Television, a grey screen on a TV typically refers to a situation where the television display appears entirely grey. This prevents any visible image or content on the screen.

Some major indications for the occurrence of grey screen on a TV include technical glitches, hardware malfunctions, or problems with the input sources.

However, it’s a severe problem. It could also mean that the hardware is damaged or picture generating feature fault down.

Whatever be so, there’s no specific cause for tv grey screen issues.

What Are The Reason Behind Occurrence Of Grey Screen?

The happening of grey screens reflects a cause that may arise from hardware fault issues or problems with the input sources.

Here are some common causes of a grey screen on a TV:

Connection issues: Loose or faulty cables connecting the TV to the input source can result in a grey screen.

Input source problems: If the device providing the input signal is not functioning correctly. It may result in the TV displaying a grey screen.

Settings misconfiguration: Incorrect settings on the TV can lead to a grey screen.

Software or firmware glitches: Firmware issues within the TV itself can cause display problems, including a grey screen.

Hardware malfunctions: Faulty hardware components within the TV can result in tv grey screen issues.

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How To Fix TV Grey Screen Issue?

Be mindful when fixing tv grey screen issues as causes depend on a multitude of factors that was discussed above.

Calling a professional who knows about TV operations could help you better than any fixes mentioned below.

However, you may try the following fixes early.

1. Restart devices

At the earliest, you can restart the device. Ensure to turn off both the TV and the source device. Wait a few minutes and then turn them back.

However, this method can’t guarantee success. This simple step can resolve temporary glitches.

2. Change input and signal source

Sometimes improper or wrong assortment of input and signal cables develops grey screen.

If you are using two or more input sources e.g. HDMI, AV, or VGA, may you insert them wrong. Switch to a different input or read the manual to ensure the right things are done.

3. Reset TV settings

Head to your TV’s settings menu to check if it can be reset or restored to factory default settings.

If it can be done, act quickly because it helps eliminate any customized settings that might be causing the grey screen problem.

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, there may be a hardware problem with the TV itself. Contact manufacturer customer support for further assistance, if possible.

How To Fix Samsung TV Grey Screen Problem?

Samsung TV Grey Screen Problem
Source: Google | Samsung TV Grey Screen Problem

Samsung TV’s are built on top of pioneer technologies. If you are experiencing it, the TV screen does not display properly.

It may happen because of several reasons.

  • Input cable connections wrong set up
  • May antenna not working properly
  • Or any unknown technical glitch

All these could cause TV grey screen issues. To get rid of the Samsung TV screen problem, follow the below methods.

1. By ensuring that antenna and input cable connections are working properly. In most cases, it helps reset the picture display issues.

In case the problem persists, try the second method.

2. Take the remote in hand and press the “Menu” button, select “Source”, and choose another input source.

Mosaics and blocks, multiple lines, or white dots can be fixed with this method.

3. Consider this method when nothing works in reality. Consider running a picture test on your Samsung TV.

  • Open Settings, and select Support.
  • Select Self Diagnosis.
  • Select Start Picture Test.
  • Confirm Yes or No and wait for the result.

Look at the screen for any problem, and if any, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the picture test.

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Additional Troubleshoot Guide Related To TV Picture

Continue reading to learn more tips and solutions for additional issues related to TV pictures such as black screen, horizontal line, blurred screen, or double image pixel, etc.

How To Resolve Black Screen Or No Display

Black screen comes in various modules of issues as follow:

  • Screen goes black and standby indicator blinks in red.
  • Screen goes black and the standby indicator turns off.
  • Images from the connected device are not displayed.

If you encounter any of the aforementioned, know the rightful beforehand.

  • Try resetting the TV and updating the TV software.
  • Remove all the external devices such as USB, HDMI cable and others to provide refresh connection to your TV.

Disconnect cables from the TV as wells standby box and clean any dust or debris accumulated. Reconnect them and turn on your TV.

How To Quickly Fix Lines On The Screen

Vertical or Horizontal lines on the TV screen may be a severe problem. Try these basic steps to see if it helps.

  • Simply, restart the TV and check the issue is resolved.
  • Try the self diagnostics option from the settings.
  • If nothing helps, it means the product may require service.

How To Secure Blurred Screen (Blurry, Hazy, & Dull)

Other than line issues, sometimes it may be possible your TV is showing a blurred screen. It’s more like they are trailing.

Blurry screen occurs due to fault in hardware features, this means you need to contact manufacturer customer support for asking for repair and service.

How To Fix Double Images & Ghost Images On TV?

Double images refers to the creation of replicas of sole images on the screen. This is also known as the Ghost image issue on TV.

Mostly this issue occurs on the TV support 3D view. Turn off the 3D mode and check if the problem is resolved.

To do so, either go to the TV’s settings or simply press the “3D” button on the remote controller and select Off.

For example, if you have a Sony smart TV in your premises, check the remote controller, you will find a 3D button on it.


It’s obvious to experience tv grey screen issues often. As you are now familiar with the factors and aware of the tips, you can resolve these issues confidently.

However, it’s not guaranteed that these troubleshooting will help you utterly. Contact or reach out to the professional that can help you with TV grey screen issues to resolve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you go, read user’s commonly asked questions related to tv grey screen issues.

How bad is tv grey screen?

Showing up a grey screen on TV is a serious problem and also a problem with the display or the connection between the television and its source.

What to do when the screen turns grey?

The quick things you can do to resolve gray screen on TV by changing input source, updating firmware, and reset TV settings.

Does the grey screen issue happen with Apple tv?

The cause of grey screen can happen with any television including Apple TV due to any technical glitch.

Does the grey screen issue happen with Android tv?

Android TVs are the most frequent device to experience grey screen and horizontal line issues for customers.

What is the best solution to fix the grey screen issue?

The best solution to fix tv grey screen issues is contacting your manufacturer professional for repair and service requests.

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