Best Monitoring Apps For IPhone And Android

Best Monitoring Apps for iPhone and Android

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Mobile Apps 3 min. read

Constant access to smartphones and the internet can surely offer huge benefits but at the same time becomes a matter of concern for your child’s safety. When unsupervised, your children become vulnerable in the online world and might face cyberbullying to online sexual harassment.

Therefore, if you want to have some control over your child’s smartphone activities, here is a list of the handiest monitoring apps for iPhone/android –

Best Monitoring Apps for iPhone and Android

1. mSpy

mSpy is simply the best monitoring apps for iPhone/Android. Its superfast installation and easy-to-use interface make it convenient for parents to have a watch on their child’s online or offline activities. Plus, it is fully undetectable and your kids won’t ever know that they are under any tracking.

mSpy allows you to access almost anything in the target mobile, be it offline communication like their call logs, deleted text messages, or online activities like social media or GPS location.

Also, you can keep an eye on your child’s web browsing and directly block keywords and URLs that you find harmful for your kids like those related to violence, drugs, and pornography, etc.
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2. Norton Family

Norton Family

Norton is already well known for its security products and you can always trust Norton Family for your children’s Android smartphones. Norton gives you a 30-day free trial period where you can check its parental control features and if you like it, you can go for the paid subscription.

The best part about Norton Family is that it allows you to have control over an unlimited number of devices. Unlike other apps that ask you to pay more if you want control over other phones or devices, Norton is free.

It gives you instant email updates when your kids are connected to the internet and allows you to set time limits on their phone usage.
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3. Qustodio

Qustodio is one of the most beloved stealth monitoring apps for parents on the internet. The reason for its huge popularity is its super easy interface and powerful parental control features that make it a reliable safety tool and a stress reliever for parents.

It has a default feature that blocks websites coming under 29 harmful categories like violence, pornography, drugs, etc. Plus, it gives you updates about the live location, Facebook activities of your kids.

Also, with its panic button option, your kids can send you their location coordinates whenever they feel any panic or danger.

4. Mobicip

Mobicip is another spying app for parents that allows you to cover five to twenty devices and updates the immediate location of your kids.

Mobicip also gives you daily or weekly reports about your kid’s web browsing history so that you can block harmful websites or talk to them about why such sites are harmful.

One interesting feature of the app is its request access option that allows your kids to ask permission for accessing the blocked sites. Hence, it gives you more flexible control over your devices.
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5. SpyTrac

SpyTrac is a smart parental control app that allows you to record phone calls and call logs so that you can know who your children are talking to and what they are talking about.

Also, it gives you access to their social media accounts like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Tinder along with the live location of your kids.

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