How Big Tech Companies Use Social Media

How big Tech Companies use Social Media

by Nancy Wayne — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

Social media has taken many strides in moving communication into the virtual world through the internet. Many businesses are taking notice of the benefits of using social media to reach existing customers and new ones.

With so many options of networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, businesses are spoilt for choice in the features they can use to make their case as a brand to customers.

While physical marketing can produce great results, in order for businesses to stay relevant, they need social media presence, which is why many growth services have launched, such as Growthoid, the best place to get Instagram followers.

Whether it’s fashion, fitness, travel and big tech, there is no better time to open a social media account or more. With the opportunities social media marketing offers, customers are choosing brands depending on how well your social media marketing works. Big tech companies are one of the major brands that are taking advantage of this and here is how.

They are active social media users

Social media is all about how interactive you are. Like the real world, being social means talking and listening to other people. It could be by engaging their interests or your own. Big tech is active on social media by creating and sharing engaging and interesting content through photos, videos, and polls.

Alternatively, they do not always have to have customers come to them but they can go to them. This is by engaging through comments and retweets of content that your target customers love and enjoy. Customers engage with big tech that looks out first for their interests.

By engaging them on what they want, they will be given the opportunity to discover more about your brand and maybe turn from being followers to actual customers.

They provide customer support

Customers are no longer kept at arm’s length through social media. Big tech companies are now just a direct message or comment or tag away.

With the proximity that social media gives customers and businesses, it is a great opportunity to provide relevant and efficient customer service. Any technical problems that customer experiences can be handled faster through social media.

It is very important to customers not just that the problem is fixed but that it is fixed as fast as possible. With social media, this is possible since the customer is only a comment or tag away. No need for long customer care calls or emails that may take a long time to get a problem resolved.

They use Animated infographics

The power of the visual is accentuated even more by social media. Most people love to see rather than read. The most popular social media networks are those that incorporate the visual such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Animated infographics are a way that big tech companies can summarise their information with attractive visuals.

Attractive visuals will make the content of the infographic eye-catching and easily obtainable for the customer. This information may include customer demographics, products and products’ information, sales figures through the month, competitions and events. There is no need for lengthy pamphlets and brochures when a brand uses animated infographics.

They create Communities

Humans live in communities where they have similar interests, tastes and preferences. These similarities are what bind and allow us to work together toward common good.

Social media is no different. Users with similar interests have communities where they share information and content on specific niches such as fashion, technology and sports. Communities are a great way to target similar customers. if one endorses your product or service, it is more likely the rest of the community will be interested.

If someone does not like your product or service, it is likely the whole community will not so it is important to make a great impression which comes by understanding what the community values about brands before engaging them. That way, you can create relevant content for the community to ensure they buy into a big tech brand.


Big tech companies are fast movers in the social media space. They use it by being active social media users, providing customer support, sharing animated infographics and targeting communities that have an interest in technology products and services.

With so many options available, big tech companies should understand which network works best for their product before investing their time and resources.

Nancy Wayne

This post is written by one of our guest contributors. They are tech lover and sharing their thoughts on tech innovation with readers around the world. Their passion for content, SEO optimization, and writing developed following every personal blog's growth, and inspired there to pursue a career in content.

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