How A Student Gets Everything Done: The Best Time-Management Apps

How a Student Gets Everything Done: The Best Time-Management Apps

by Tasha Kolesnikova — 3 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

It is a no-brainer that time management is a powerful art. Especially for students that are used to constant assignments, group projects, volunteering initiatives, etc. along with part-time jobs, hobbies, and various personal issues.

Yes, you can order a paper from an online service that will write your assignment for you, but does it mean that you can spend this free time wisely? There is a list of helpful applications that will make 24 hours of your day as useful as never before!

The Best Time-Management Apps

1.  Todoist

IT is a cloud-based app that helps keep track of which projects to work on and when, so you can set your priorities and study in an organized, logical way. The interesting fact is that you can use Todoist when you’re working on a group project, e.g. a case study where different students have different responsibilities.

You can use this application when you need to:

  • capture and coordinate specific assignments;
  • plan your deadlines ahead;
  • keep track of your student’s group progress, know who is responsible for what parts of the project;
  • break large tasks down to more manageable goals.

Todoist will help you to organize your college schedule and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.
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2.  RescueTime

On the one hand, modern students can really benefit from the Internet and its opportunities. You can do whatever you want online: read books, watch masterclasses, learn foreign languages, etc. However, we bet that sometimes you find yourself in a situation when you just don’t know where you spent your time.

Such productivity apps like RescueTime can analyze everything you do in a day. This tool is especially useful during COVID-19 times when you spend a lot of hours in front of your computer instead of visiting real-world events and meeting with friends.

Once you install and set up this app, it starts analyzing your activity to provide you with a report that includes a list of the most-visited resources as well as the number of hours that you spend there. Define your procrastination websites and learn more about your Internet behaviour.

3.  Focus Keeper

This app is based on the famous Pomodoro technique which was developed to help people stay on track by breaking down studies or work into small, easy-to-manage intervals. You can set your own ones, but there are some standardized recommendations that are supposed to work for most people.

Once you launch Focus Keeper (or any other Pomodoro app, there are many!), you should set a timer for 25 minutes. Do nothing but study — look for information, write your essay, read a textbook, etc. that entire time.

We know that it is impossible not to check your Instagram for the whole day, but what about just 25 minutes? Stay focused, and when your timer goes off, you receive a 5-minute break to do whatever you want.

It is up to you — you can check your social media, make a coffee, do some exercises, and so on. Once this pause is over, you can get back to your studies and boost your concentration.
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4.  Forest

Though Cirillo’s technique is pretty efficient, we understand if your brain needs something a bit different. That’s where the Forest app can make a statement.

This app suggests you grow your own forest. When you want to focus on your studies, you plant a virtual seed. Within the next period of time (you can set it according to your goals), the seed grows into a virtual tree.

But only if you don’t use your device to visit sites that have nothing to do with your project. And if you manage to avoid temptations and stay concentrated on all your assignments within the required time-frames, you grow your forest.

Besides, there is a nice option from app developers for users who spend virtual coins in the tool. They contact the Trees for Future organization that plants real trees for your contribution.

5.  Trello

Undoubtedly, Trello is one of the most popular projects management tools due to its user-friendly design, smooth navigation, and customizable options.

Instead of pulling all-nighters over confusing spreadsheets, you can create a list of your projects and pin them to a digital bulletin board. It is necessary to consider that you can have different borders for different assignments, some of them can be private while others group-shared, etc.

You can create a list of tasks with specific deadlines, with vague deadlines, without deadlines. You can set people in charge, add comments, checklists, attachments, and so on. Trello is a great tool to brainstorm your ideas and display your thoughts in order.
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6.  MyNoise

When it comes to concentration, it is necessary to understand that people have different triggers. Though you can develop this skill, there are days when you literally don’t have enough time to review the quality of your sleep or go sports.

MyNoise will help you in a pretty natural way — it will generate various noise sounds that will help your brain to stay focused.

As you install the application, it offers you to choose the preferred group of sounds depending on your goals.

For example:

  • If you study in a noisy environment, you should try Irish coast, Cafe Restaurant, or spaceship sounds.
  • When you have problems with a quick nap and you really need it, consider Rain on a Tent, Fireplace, or Calm Lake to fall asleep without hurdles.
  • There are students who can’t work when their room is too quiet. No problem, just listen to Primeval Forest or Distant Thunder.

We know that modern expectations from students might be unrealistic. Your professors and family want you to be at the top all the time, and they forget that you’re not a superhero with supernatural powers. Well, with these apps you’ll not stop the time like Hermione Granger, but you’ll surely learn how to manage it to your advantage.

Tasha Kolesnikova

Tasha is a student who is passionate about gadgets, travel, dance, and technical writing at the educational startup Studybay. Instagram

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