How To Develop A Super Successful IOS App Like Amazon Or EBay

How to Develop a Super Successful iOS App Like Amazon or eBay

by Alan Jackson — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

Due to the rapid progress of technology, mobile application development is becoming more accessible. If you want to be closer to your customers, then developing iOS apps is exactly what you need.

Creating a Successful iOS App

Creating a successful mobile application requires significant preliminary work. You may have a fantastic idea and a sufficient amount of resources, but this does not guarantee success. Poor implementation of the most brilliant idea will nullify your efforts. So, maybe the following tips will be useful for you:

  • Start a startup in a team complementing each other in different areas: business, development, product, marketing, management.
  • Explore the problem you want to solve. Focus on the problem, maybe the application at all is not an ideal solution. Talk with potential customers, understand their current problems and alternatives to solve them.
  • After you talk with many types of customers, select one niche. In the future, you will have time to reach more groups.
  • Define a business model, think about how you will make money from the first day.
  • Create prototypes and test them with your potential customers.
  • When you are convinced that the solution you have developed is exactly what they need, start coding. Prepare MVP.
  • Make a cross-platform application to test your idea. It will give you an understanding of what you should focus on in the first year.
  • Test your first prototype again with users. Let them use it and ask questions. Do iterations based on the responses.
  • Talk to your users as much as possible, understand their first problems. Add or remove features.
  • Do not spend money on marketing until you are sure that you have good returns.

Following these development principles will ensure the accurate and timely identification of problem areas. Always remember the main goal and focus on the main functionality of the first version of the application. Do not be afraid to give up opportunities in which you are not 100% sure. In addition, you can often release relatively small updates. Thus, users will significantly influence your application.

Main Stages of IOS App Development

The creation of the iOS app mainly consists of three stages: business analysis, design, and the actual development of the application. Let’s deep dive into each of these phases.

Business analysis

When answering the question on how to start iOS app development, we need to indicate that it all starts with business analysis and setting goals for future application. The market situation (competitors, target audience, and trends ) is carefully studied and analyzed, as a result of which we have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and what business goals need to be achieved. High-quality iOS application development is impossible without this stage because creating applications for the sake of simply paying tribute to fashion is a losing idea.


An important step that custom mobile app development includes is the design of the architecture. Immediately starting to draw design layouts will be the wrong step, because it’s important for mobile users in the first place, the convenience of the interface and not the beauty. Now that the tasks are clear and there is a vision of where to move, we design the architecture of the future app, after which the designers create the design of the mobile interface.
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Now begins the most technical stage of the process, which includes the development of iOS applications. Design layouts are transferred to layout, and we can say that the sensitive stage begins, which includes the creation of applications. After the layout is checked for quality, the mobile app developers enter the business and are entrusted with writing applications.  Developers are immersed in the project, implementing all the planned functionality.

More Tips on Mobile Application Development

Every self-respecting mobile app development company wants to make the highest quality application with beautiful animations, a well-designed user interface, and maximum performance. We have drawn together more tips for you, so you can develop a super successful app.

  1. Check the market for analogs. Perhaps this is the first thing you should do after coming up with an idea. Check if there are already applications that exactly repeat the functionality of yours. You can spend a lot of time creating what is already on the market.
  2. Correct name. It is not so simple to come up with a catchy and memorable name. It should not be complicated but should describe the application, make sense for users, and the size should not exceed three words. You must approach the creation of a name with all seriousness since a lot depends on it. Most App Store visitors decide whether to download the app in a few seconds. How can you influence this? A catchy name, a beautiful icon, and interesting screenshots. The description comes next.
  3. Deal with the business model at the very beginning. Before you start drawing an icon, hiring copywriters and coding, you need to understand how your application will bring money. Advertising, in-app purchases, minimum price, subscription – there are many options and each of them is suitable for different strategies.
  4. Ensure strong marketing to boost your mobile app downloads. You need as many people as possible to know about the application. There are many options for PR, both paid and free. Profile resources, groups on social networks, bloggers and advertising – all this will help you create hype around the application.
Also read: 13 Best TikTok Video Downloader Apps & Websites (No Watermark) | Remove TikTok Watermark In Seconds! All these recommendations will help you at the very beginning of your business. However, there is one, not the least important thing left for you to do: study the big stories of success. Today, Amazon and eBay apps are considered to be one of the most successful on the app store. Why? The reason for this is that both companies have always been focused on clients’ needs. Another cause is strong marketing. For instance, Amazon carefully approaches it’s marketing campaigns to adapt to a changing market. The company focuses on Internet communications, close partnerships, constant statements about the good quality of their products, and some additional services. More importantly, Amazon is striving to get ahead of the market; much of the company’s marketing has been borrowed by followers.

The result is clear: the net profit of the Amazon online retailer in the 1st quarter of 2019 grew 16.9% compared to last-year revenues. As for eBay, the company recently stated that the number of active buyers has grown to 180 million, their shares are growing even after hours. Their plans for the future are encouraging.

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