Must-Have Features For Your Real-Estate Mobile App

Must-Have Features for Your Real-Estate Mobile App

by Shagun bagra — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 3 min. read

The real estate industry is witnessing sustainable developments in streamlining the processes and reducing time and costs through unique perks of the AI-enabled mobile apps. Developers can become a part of this evolution and create real estate apps that are unique in terms of focused business objectives and projected growth. Here is a look at some must-have features of a competent real-estate mobile app.

Customer and Broker Panel

A customer and broker panel is an essential element that should contain register and/or login, broker details, search option, sort/filter option, and admin verification. These options seem like too much for a single panel but these are the fundamentals of modern mobile app development. Both the admin verification and broker’s detail add security and authenticity to the buying/selling/renting process whereas the other features give customers the freedom of choice. 

Contact Information

Real estate is a sector where the life savings of both the buyers and sellers remain at stake. In such a situation, both parties must know each other for a fair deal. The contact information page should contain an online form constituting the details of both buyers and sellers. Also, the option for saving the contact details of buyers and sellers can be a plus as both the parties can contact each other in the future as well. Here, complete information about the brokers/dealers must be added for establishing a direct line of contact. 

Information about Charges and Fees

Businesses can monetize their real estate app by charging a specific fee from their clients regardless of them being buyers and sellers. The information about all types of charges should be included in a specific page. Charges can be levied from sellers for listing their property on the app while buyers should be charged after closing the deal. Developers can also add a premium section for both the buyers and sellers that will have slightly higher charges but with additional services. This is similar to value-added services where some extra amount is charged for added benefits. 

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Profile Editing and Listing

The real estate app should also contain an edition option where both the buyers and sellers can edit/update their profile that includes their contact details. Users often want to change or add email addresses, phone numbers or addresses. In such a situation the app must offer complete accessibility and readily allow such changes.

Images and Maps

Real images of the property are a must. The app should allow and in fact, ask for the genuine images of the property from the sellers. The majority of buyers decide to physically check out the property if only they are satisfied with the images. The sellers should also be able to post videos of the property which can help a buyer in making an informed decision.

Must-Have Features for Your Real-Estate Mobile App 1

On the other hand, integration to Google Maps ought to be there. Buyers can easily check the distance of the property from their current location and check its connectivity to their work and relatives’ homes. Buyers can also check out properties that lie in their preferred location as the maps can be used as a location benchmark for buying

Customer Support

This is usually the last page in most real estate applications but it is also an important one. The section has to contain every piece of information that may be required in the buying and selling process. From searching a property to resolving payment queries and disputes, AI-enabled customer support is a must-have. An integrated AI chatbot can be a great advantage as it is active on the screen at all times so that the clients do not face navigation issues.

An AI-enabled real estate mobile app can drive positive client engagement and conversions. The app can offer a platform where brokers, buyers, and sellers can meet and complete the buying process. The real estate landscape is changing and switching to mobile technology is going to be a deciding factor for many emerging real estate businesses.

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