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What is The Future of Mobile Payments in a Post-CO...
By: Amelia Scott, Tue July 20, 2021

For many years, the payments industry has shown remarkable growth: dizzying valuations and double-digit growth rates. There is also an..

News/Business Ideas

Top 8 Things You Won’t Miss after Starting Your ...
By: Amelia Scott, Tue July 6, 2021

It is exciting and challenging to quit your job to start your own company. You will soon realize the advantages..


How Data and AI will Continue to Change Healthcare
By: Richard Gall, Fri July 2, 2021

Given its rapid growth over the last few years, healthcare is a shining light in the economy. Healthcare technology has..


What Are Computer Worms And How to Stop Them?
By: Richard Gall, Mon June 28, 2021

Computer technology has enabled us to be more productive while keeping our information safer. The World Wide Web has made..

News/Artificial Intelligence

The Internet of Medical Things is Future of Health...
By: Amelia Scott, Wed June 23, 2021

The Internet of Things (IoT), an organization of remotely associated actual gadgets that trade information, has changed the healthcare business..


What does the future look like for Mobile Technolo...
By: Amelia Scott, Sun June 20, 2021

The whole world is tremendously less versatile than it was pre-COVID-19 and this will keep on being valid into what’s..

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Best 9 New Technology Trends to watch out for in 2...
By: Alan Jackson, Thu June 3, 2021

Technology now is growing at such a quick pace, allowing faster change and advancement, resulting in an acceleration of the..

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Top 5 Ways to Prepare a Digital Workforce for 2021
By: Amelia Scott, Wed June 2, 2021

The idea of this “digital workforce” is evolving, moving from being only a buzzword of the technology sector to some..


5 Ways of Technology has Revolutionized Investing
By: Amelia Scott, Sun May 23, 2021

The investment industry is one that is always changing, and the technology industry is one that is always facing its..

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Things to Make Sure While Outsourcing to An Email ...
By: Kevin George, Thu May 13, 2021

Hiring an email marketing agency brushes off enormous workload off your shoulders. This can be understood by the fact that..

News/Business Ideas

7 Tips to Reinvent Your Business using Technology
By: Mia Clarke, Wed May 5, 2021

Introduction It is well known that most businesses have to earn profits as the objective. To do this, they have..

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