Facebook Launching Rival Video Editing App Called Instagram Reels

TikTok: Facebook launching rival video editing app called Instagram Reels

by Amelia Scott — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps < 1 min. read

Facebook is set to launch its own version of TikTok next month.

The social media giant recently announced plans to release Instagram Reels, a video platform that lets people create interactive short clips set to music. The app’s functionality sounds a lot like TikTok, which is wildly popular among smartphone-toting teens and young adults.

The Reels app is currently testing in France, Germany, Brazil and India but will hit smartphones in the U.S. in early August, Facebook said.

“The community within our evaluation nations has revealed so much creativity within short-form movie, and we have heard from people and creators across the globe they’re excited to begin too,” that a Facebook spokesperson told USA TODAY via email.

The Reels application is home to a huge amount of video altering highlights, and it interfaces with Instagram, permitting clients to share the completed item to their Stories.

On the off chance that your Instagram account is open, the video can show up on the application’s Explore segment. Clients will likewise have the option to post altered Reels on their profiles.

The most recent move to sabotage TikTok comes because the movie system faces increased scrutiny from the U.S. administration over the way that it manages user information.

The authorities is seeking to prohibit TikTok in the USA over domestic cybersecurity concerns, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated earlier this season. The Navy has banned employees from downloading the program on tablets.

Facebook and Instagram are famous for biting features out of rival social websites.

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