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TikTok Owner Bytedance Wants To Make A Smartphone - The Next Tech

TikTok Owner Bytedance Wants To Make A Smartphone

Micah James
by Micah James — 3 weeks ago in Mobile Apps 2 min. read

TikTok Owner Bytedance Make A Smartphone

Bytedance is not the only Chinese firm that’s seeking to construct a telephone because of its programs. Selfie app manufacturer Meitu had previously built a smartphone teeming with its own collection of photo editors.

TikTok’s Mobile app parent company, ByteDance(China), could soon be launching yet another ambitious project: own smartphone with pre-installed which will come preloaded its apps like TikTok, Flipchat and more.

2019 had been difficult of a year for ByteDance beacuse its popular video app TikTok banned by India for a couple of weeks. And after all The TikTOk App saw tremendous growth over the last few months.

ByteDance, the owner Zhang Yiming of apps such as news aggregator Jinri Toutiao, collaboration tool Lark, and short video app TikTok, is reportedly building its own smartphone in market to compete with Xiaomi, OnePlus.

Based on sources of Times report, the telephone would come packed with ByteDance’s several App — that include the information aggregator Jinri Toutiao, the omnipresent TikTok, and based on some rumors, an unreleased streaming music app.

Hence, companies such as ByteDance, apparently the world’s most precious startup ($75 billion) right now, are raising self-dependence. The Business has found success beyond its housing, particularly in India, where it seems almost 300 million consumers, mostly from TikTok (currently India’s most downloaded app).

ByteDance is confronting some uphill climbs on a worldwide scale. The continuing trade warfare of the U.S. and China can also wrench. The U.S. Department of Commerce banned Chinese technologies giant Huawei, by means of example, over spying and other national security problems, prompting Microsoft to wash its own laptops from its own shop and Google to cut company with the supplier.

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The move fits in accord with the organization’s strategy to go into the smartphone company. FT noted unsuccessful efforts of US internet companies when attempting to go into the smartphone marketplace, including Amazon and Facebook.

Chinese selfie app maker Meitu successfully parlayed a smartphone business into a deal with Xiaomi.

ByteDance phone manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo and Realme will offer tough competition from the cheap Android smartphone area, to mention a couple. And when ByteDance would like to play with at the flagship smartphone area, it’s going to need to compete with all the established players such as the likes of Samsung and Huawei.

Micah James
Micah James

Micah is SEO Manager of The Next Tech. When he is in office then love to his role and apart from this he loves to coffee when he gets free. He loves to play soccer and reading comics.

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