Uber-like Ride-hailing App For Kids: Market Growth & Development Process

Uber-like ride-hailing app for kids: Market growth & development process

by Jennifer Atkinson — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 3 min. read

Working parents often have hard times balancing their work-life and handling their children. Be it picking up their kids from their schools or dropping them for piano lessons, it has become really hectic and they have no time left for themselves. Taxi service for kids can be a life savior for such parents.

With a taxi-app for kids, all rop-off and pick-up assignments can be gotten rid of. Moreover, taxi shuttle service for kids can be aimed at a wide range of activities. From ballet lessons to after-school care and doctor appointments, parents do not have to worry about the safety and security of their kids anymore.

A series of background checks will ensure that the drivers of kids’ taxi service are good enough to handle kids. This is because drivers have to enjoy the company of kids and need nerves of steel to bear with their tantrums. This will, in turn, also increase the trust factor among working parents.
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Market growth

Well, if you wish to develop an Uber-like app for kids, you must have an idea about your target audience which includes:

  • Working parents in the nearby area
  • Homemaker mothers who do not know how to drive
  • Parents don’t have access to a private vehicle

For promoting your taxi-for-kids app, you can choose locations like day-care and after-school centers, community centers, public libraries, pediatric and orthodontic hospitals or kid-oriented facilities (dance, music, gymnastics, karate studios, etc.)

Scope for promotion

With online marketing and advertising through popular social media platforms, one can definitely gain a good number of clients. However, a fantastic idea for publicity will be providing one free month of free service to your customers. This will help you earn a loyal customer base from the start and all you need is a reliable vehicle with seating for six kids or more. Along with this, drivers must have adequate insurance and proper communication channel to keep in touch with the parents and inform them about delays or change in routes. However, hiring drivers who are certified in first aid pediatrics and CPR will also give you an edge while launching your app.

Development process

Starting an app like Uber for kids is child’s play now with the latest available tools and technologies. However, before developing such an app, one must know the features that should be integrated into it. Let us take a detailed look at the basic functionalities required for a taxi-for-kids app.

Customer sign in/sign up

Parents must sign up on the app by entering basic details like kids name, age, address and locality. Using the registered name, they can log into the app.

Search for nearby kids’ taxi

With the help of a map, all the drivers available near the locality will be shown. Users will be able to choose the type of car from the app. Drivers can also be chosen by parents according to their past reviews and ratings.

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Book or Schedule rides

Parents can either book a taxi immediately or schedule a booking in advance. They can also register for weekly service options. Parents can also mention any special requirement for their kids through the app. For instance, differently-abled kids might need some assistance while traveling in a taxi and this can be informed to the driver.

Payment option

The estimated fare is shown in the app which the user can pay with the help of any payment method.

Live tracking

This unique feature gives a sense of security to parents as they can track the current location of their child. Moreover, any deviation from the pre-estimated route can be easily identified via the in-built map in the app. Via link, parents can also share their kid’s trip with their friends or relatives.

Reviews and ratings

Customers can rate and give feedback on their experience with various drivers. Also, a threshold can be set by the admin for the drivers, to keep them motivated to perform well. If their ratings fall below the threshold, the admin can terminate their driver license.

Wrapping up

All in all, if you are a startup enthusiast, this niche can be a really good initiative for the kids in your locality or city. If you are already into Uber-like app development, adding this feature for kids will be a cakewalk. It will definitely make your app different from others and give you an edge in ruling the taxi industry.

Furthermore, the present busy lifestyle of people has made it necessary for entrepreneurs to come up with such on-demand solutions. So, if you are curious and want to build such an app, Appdupe is the best place for you. They have many years of experience in building Uber-like apps and can guide you from the start until the launch of the app. All you need is a business plan. Hurry and contact them right away to enjoy their services.

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