Why Are Mobile Wallet Solutions In Demand?

Why are Mobile Wallet Solutions in Demand?

by Jitendra Kalal — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 3 min. read

The mobile wallet or payment is increasing quickly with the increasing needs of customers. 50% of the e-commerce visitors use app version instead of the web. M-commerce app development is also one of the dynamic & fastest growing sectors in the global economy and also target various business models. The mobile payment option is using several smartphones & wearable devices. The business must adopt them and attract new clients.

Solutions for mobile payments

The M-commerce solutions are creating the boom around the customers and give the older one an impetus to stay with them.

1. Mobile wallets

It works with the “tap-to-pay” feature with the use of NFC or otherwise lets you pay online from the wallet that is having preloaded cash. These transactions are faster & convenient in comparison to money, and that is the primary reason for its popularity. Samsung pay, MiPay, are some of the popular mobile wallets.

2. Immediate mobile billing

It has adopted by many countries where carrier billing & postpaid plans are in the majority. A client can buy the product, and that amount of bill added to the mobile bill of the customer. It uses internet banking or credit/debit card.

3. Use your smartphone as a Credit Card Terminal

Smart devices used to read the credit card to make & receive the transaction. It will be beneficial for the small business owner as it is a secure, safe & fast way of payment. It easily activated by inserting the credit card reader into the headphone jack.
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In this, the shoppers use the internet or web page or any of the app installed on their phones. This technology makes the use of WAP. It is also now incorporated by many mobile network operators. The most famous example is Paypal provides you under the name of PayPal express checkout.

Types of M-commerce apps

1. Finance & Banking

The account holder can quickly pay using their m-wallet or mobile money transfer feature. It is a secure & flexible method to transfer money between accounts, and also you can find the information about your financial transactions. The user has to access the internet or website of financial transactions.

2. Retail & Sales Services

Nowadays, many M-commerce app builders are creating online catalog products so that shoppers can view & access it from their device only. Consumers can shop, place orders & can also pay through mobiles.

3. Marketing

Almost every big organizations have started to send messages to promote their new product or can carry the promotional campaign. E.g., Vishal Mega Mart sends the customer a message that defines them as the reward points are earned by them when they have done them shopping from their mall. If there are some changes in the reward points, then they inform the customer to encourage sales.

4. M-Ticket

You can book every type of ticket from your mobile-only. E.g., If you want to go out for a movie, then with the help of the “BookMyShow” app, you can book the ticket and can book according to your timezone. This app will send you an email and the text message on your mobile number that you entered while booking the tickets. With the help of m-pay, you can save your time and take the benefit of the M-ticket facility.
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Advantages of M-Payment

It is a benefit to both consumers & the business. We would let you know some of the benefits of the mobile wallet system.


Thankful to the mobile payment system that has made the online buying experience an effortless & it is a convenient way than the traditional method. You can make the payment anywhere and at any time with your wireless device. So, this industry is moving forward along with the demand for the mobile wallet.

Secure & Safe:

Now the people have don’t carry the massive cash in their wallets. They can use mobile payment and feel relax, tension-free. It is a secure way for any amount. The credit card information stored on the cloud, not in your device. In this way, your data remains safe even after you have lost your mobile.


The integration of payment methods uses the barcode scanners, UPI code for your business that saves the price and will accompany the credit card terminals.


This process of online payment is more comfortable than the offline purchase. It also increases the conversion rates & several returning customers. It will also speed up the checkout process & will capture the shoppers who buy less from the online in comparison to traditional shopping.


Nowadays, many shops & the buyers are involved in the one-click shopping that has changed the m-commerce and giving the vast shopping experience. A mobile wallet development company is adopting the best practices that are ideal & right strategy for the M-users.

Jitendra Kalal

I’m Jitendra Kalal, Digital Marketing Strategist working with Addon Solutions – An Mobile Application Development Company in India, I spend my spare time on the web to learn about the modern online internet marketing and love to share my knowledge with others through my content.

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