12 Creative Contest Ideas For Giveaway

12 Creative Contest Ideas for Giveaway

by Alex Noah — 1 year ago in Review 5 min. read

When we open any social media platform, there are several giveaways going on. Giveaways are a way of giving gifts to your potential customers. All you need is to create some specific rules for your giveaway post and the participants should follow them. When you are creating giveaways, it is very important to have the most creative ideas. Thus further we have explained the different creative ideas for effective giveaways.

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What are The Different Creative Contest Ideas for Giveaways?

We have discussed the different creative ideas that you can use as your giveaways-

Give Them A Gift Card

If you are a business owner then you can think of giving a gift card. Giving gift cards is the best way for increasing your potential customers. Though gift cards may not excite the viewers, it is a great way to increase your sales. It helps you to attract clients that are interested in buying from your business.

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Giving Out The Best Caption

When it comes to the engagement level, this is the best way to increase it. Add up a post of the photo or the video of your business. Ask them to give the best caption for the giveaway post. Whoever gives the best caption, will win the giveaway. You can offer them a free gift for your business. Though this will not help in more sales but will help you to increase the engagement level and also increase brand awareness.

Giving out the best caption

Referral Contest

Another creative idea for giving away is by keeping the referral contests. A referral contest is one in which the participants may need to tag their friends or may have to increase the following. You can keep a contest like tagging your three friends and asking them to share your page on their stories. There may be people who may want to buy your product in their friend list. It will help you to freely promote your business.

However to have an effective giveaway you need to have a reliable giveaway tool. One of the best and most reliable tools available online is You to gift. You can find the tool on both Apple and Play stores.

Referral contest

Photo Contest

This is a contest that will again help you to do a lot of marketing for free. There is no need to spend even a single penny on marketing. You can ask your clients to post pictures of them using your product. Ask them to add relevant hashtags, or tag your account. It will help you to generate a lot of trust and brand awareness among people.

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Adding A Countdown Timer

Keeping up a countdown timer on your posts helps to create a psychological urgency for the people. It will help them to buy the product or perform the task of the giveaway much faster. This may also increase your engagement or your sale.

List of Benefits

Not everyone has much time to read all the captions that you have entered in your giveaway post. Thus it is very important to make them understand what will be the benefit of participating in the giveaway. You need to enter all the benefits that the people will get if they participate. Try to briefly add the benefits in the pictures of the giveaway that you have added. This will help to attract them and increase your engagement.

Branded Hashtags

This is the contest that you can do along with other contests. It will increase your brand awareness among people. You can also involve challenges, dance routines, videos, etc in this contest. However, you must make sure that you are creating a unique hashtag and are not using any common hashtag.

Highlighting the market value

Highlighting The Market value

It is the best way of bringing the attention of your customers. When you offer a gift that has a good market value, everyone will want it. It will not only help you to do an effective giveaway but will also help to increase the targeted customers.

Festive Giveaways

India is a country enriched with different cultures and festivals. Every festival in India is celebrated with a great level of enthusiasm. There is no better way to attract your customers than by providing them with gifts, especially at the time of festivals. This will not only help you to get more engagement but will help you in a lot of marketing.


If you are interested in promoting your brand, you must try taking advantage of influencer marketing. There are a lot of influencers that do various giveaways to increase their reach. Collaborating with them can help you to get more potential leads. However, remember not to choose an influencer from a different industry. Suppose you have a business in the food industry, try to find out the influencers in the related field.

Video challenges

Video Challenges

They are the most fun way of getting engaged with your customers. One thing that gets viral fast is the reels that we post. So you can ask the contestants to make a short video related to your product. It will not only help you to get engage with them but you can promote your business in a more fun manner.

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Limited Edition Giveaways

Everyone wants to have limited editions. When you will keep your limited editions as giveaways, many people will have curious to know more about them. This will help to increase the number of potential customers. In addition to it, limited editions will also help to make your existing customers happier.


Giveaways are the best way of promoting your business on social media platforms. They have become a strong backbone for increasing the reach of potential customers. But there are several types of giveaways like video challenging, highlighting the market value, gift cards, referral contests, etc. Thus depending upon the type of business you are having, you must choose the right type of contest that you need to do on the giveaway post.

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