5 Great Cities To Form LLCs For Online Companies Operating In The United States

5 Great Cities To Form LLCs For Online Companies Operating In The United States

by Alan Jackson — 11 months ago in Review 3 min. read

It’s a great time to launch an online company in the United States. It’s more accessible for new entrepreneurs than a physical location and has the benefit of making expansion and brand reach much easier to accomplish. Experts are expecting new businesses to boom despite significant hurdles in the market, with online small businesses being at the forefront. The Main Street digital economy with apps, e-commerce stores, and blogs is now seeing around $10 million in revenue.

For tech entrepreneurs looking to enter the scene, it’s most promising to launch as an LLC versus a DBA in America. Although both structures have their strengths, LLCs offer more in terms of taxation, personal liability protection, and flexibility. Of course, some cities stand out more as great places to launch an online-based LLC because of their business friendliness, overall resources, infrastructure, cost of living, and internet reliability. These options are your best bet in 2023.

1. Raleigh, North Carolina

North Carolina has long been considered one of the most reliable states to choose if you’re starting an LLC. Most impressively, North Carolina has been named the country’s top state for business by CNBC for two years in a row. This is largely thanks to their low taxes, strong economy, and flexible profit distribution.

Raleigh, in particular, has been considered one of the most thriving cities for both small businesses and big names across industries in recent years. Experts are also expecting the city to become the second biggest tech hub on the East Coast by 2025. This comes from an analysis of resources, investments, and tech talent.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is the best place for LLCs that want privacy. Consider how much information on your business is actually available in the public record. At the local level alone, you can see your County Clerk has coverage of liens, LLC ownership, and real estate records.

The city and its state of Nevada have plenty of government regulations that are built to protect the privacy and liability of LLC owners. On top of that, Nevada LLCs don’t legally need to have an operating agreement to get started. This is very useful for businesses that primarily do their business online and may not have the same traditional structures as a physically-based business. There is also no franchise tax or corporate income tax in the city.

3. Austin, Texas

Austin is becoming the go-to space for tech giants and innovative new players on the market. Plenty of venture capitalists and startup founders have planted their roots in the city for a reason. Its lower cost of living, noticeably more forgiving regulations for businesses (particularly LLCs), and simple tax laws make it undeniable as a very auspicious place for tech-leaning businesses and online companies.

Huge names like Tesla, Facebook, and Oracle, among others, are leading the shift to an Austin-centered tech landscape. It only makes sense for burgeoning entrepreneurs to follow suit. It’s especially promising for those in crypto, software, and Web3 as those are the growing markets in the city.

4. Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman may not be the first city that comes to mind when it comes to starting an online company. That said, it has actually been ranked as one of the top cities with the most startups per capita. Its growing infrastructure, low commercial energy costs, and affordable filing fees also do a lot to cement its decades-long spot at the top.

For new companies, an attractive aspect of Bozeman is also its state. As you can see in LLC.org’s guide to forming an LLC in Montana, the formation process in the state is very simple. Even if you don’t use a commercial service to get the process done, you can do most of the crucial steps online and get the paperwork you need within weeks. You also don’t need a statewide business license in Montana, though you will need local licenses that are relevant to your services or products.

5. Atlanta, Georgia

Another bright spot that online companies should consider is Atlanta, Georgia. It has everything you’d want, like solid internet capacity, great power infrastructure, and a very bright pool of skilled individuals within its workforce. On top of that, there is no corporate tax for LLCs and plenty of tax exemptions that can be applied to applicable tech investments.

The best reason to pick Atlanta is also its economic outlook from the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Financial experts are noting that, despite a natural slowing in its surge of business growth, the city will be exempt from a recession that may hit other cities or states. On the contrary, it will even likely see a sustainable pace of growth with an increase in gross domestic products and equity.

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