5 Best [FREE] Google Drive Paywall Software In 2024

5 Best [FREE] Google Drive Paywall Software In 2024

by Neeraj Gupta — 1 month ago in Review 8 min. read

Go through the list of top five google drive paywall software that allow content creators to monetize their files by setting up payment requirements for accessing them.

Glance at five best free google drive paywall software for publishers!

Brand Icon Paywall Websites Features
Gumroad Gumroad Imply paywall on your own website
MemberSpace MemberSpace White-label everything, no restrictions!
Leaky Paywall Leaky Paywall Dynamic targeting with data controlling
MemberGate Member Gate Premium customer support facility
Pigeon Paywall Pigeon Paywall Work with any website


How did we pick these paywall software?

Our team approaches a trial and error method to create the best paywall service providers. We selected these by looking at the following:

  • Multiple features
  • Subscription plans
  • Customer’s trust
  • Community support

Paywall content typically available in news websites (but not everyone does it) mainly employed by those news websites who share premium content to the exclusive users.

👀 Paywall content includes digital materials such as ebooks, articles, videos, or other media that is only accessible to users who have paid a fee or subscribed to a service.

These websites make use of paywall software (referring to a technology to restrict access to certain content) that protects the content accessibility free of cost.

This software requires users to pay a fee or subscribe to a service in order to access the content behind the paywall.

Among many, some third-party services might integrate with Google Drive to provide paywall functionality for content stored on the platform.

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1. Gumroad

Gumroad paywall software

Pricing: No monthly subscription, just 10% fee on per transaction

Gumroad is a brilliant marketplace for selling anything to make money. Having said that users can sell anything from books, memberships, courses, and more — right to their audience.

With features like paywall, proprietors can monetize their content and restrict those who are non-subscribed users.

Getting started with Gumroad is extremely easy. Additionally, the platform compliance with legal standards, thus offering security to the users against their content delivery.

Top Features:

  • Imply paywall on your own website
  • No restrictions on selling products
  • No hectic process, simple exercise

How much fees does Gumroad charge?

To put simply, Gumroad charges a flat 10% transaction fee on the sales price of all products sold.

Is selling on Gumroad free?

Selling on Gumroad is 100% free but there is a 10% fee involved which gets deducted on per transaction.

How does Gumroad pay sellers?

The payment disposal of Gumroad is elastic and feasible. The platform dispenses payment makeout through popular mediums such as PayPal and more options are also available.

2. MemberSpace

MemberSpace paywall solution

Pricing: Free for 30 days, then $39/mo

MemberSpace is quite impressive when it comes to selling members-only access to your website.

The platform’s service includes a wide range of features to deliver a peaceful and interactive experience with incredible customizable services.

The service is ideal for those looking to protect content library, online course, community, newsletter, videos, paid podcast and more.

Coming with a range of CRMs integration, users can connect their offering on third-party CRMs such as Google Drive or others.

Top Features:

  • Works on any website, hurray!
  • Create unlimited paid or free plans
  • White-label everything, no restrictions!

How does MemberSpace work?

Its working is straightforward. You as an administrator can create tiered plans and charge members via recurring, multiple, one-time payments.

What you can sell on MemberSpace?

“Sell any products” initially sell online courses, newsletters, podcasts, community access, content libraries and more.

3. Leaky Paywall

Leaky Paywall Google Drive Paywall Software

Pricing: Free trial with four level of pricing plans starts at $199/mo

Reputed paywall providers like Leaky Paywall ends your wearisomeness of making profits. Used by more than 10000 publishers, Leaky Paywall is best paywall software for news publishers and entertainment professionals.

The platform gauge with severe CRMs to help their clients to optimally use paywall peacefully. With its service, you can engage and nurture casual visitors, populate your campaign, and grow revenue.

Top Features:

  • Dynamic targeting with data controlling
  • Only paywall that blocks RemovePaywall
  • Block Incognito mode boost revenue

What is pay per post on leaky paywall?

Pay per post on Leaky paywall means users pay for access to a single post, page, or article.

What is the best leaky paywall alternative?

Leaky paywall is assumed as the best wordpress paywall plugin being in a competition with ProfilePress, allowing users to easily create a WordPress membership.

4. MemberGate

MemberGate Paywall management software

Pricing: Plans starts at $97/mo

For those looking to build custom-subscription websites to make profits by distributing creative content, MemberGate should be their go-to destination.

Being not a plugin, it has a varying pricing structure tailored to unlike people, pros, and enterprises.

The platform also provides premium customer support including basic configuration, testing, and security checkup. This ultimately makes it the best paywall provider for anyone.

Speaking of Google Drive integration, the platform supports that too including 30+ more integrations at a glance.

Top features:

  • Effortless setup and configuration
  • Premium customer support facility
  • Supports handful integrations

Who should be using the MemberGate paywall?

MemberGate is the all-in-one solution for paywall requirements and its varying pricing structure suitable for everyone.

What are the integration types available in MemberGate?

The platform enriches third-party integrations with many class leading services and software. PayPal, Amazon S3, Brevo, MailChimp, and Disqus are few.

5. Pigeon Paywall

Pigeon paywall plugin

Pricing: Not disclosed

In the notes of best google drive paywall software, Pigeon paywall stands with its simplicity and straight forward solutions.

We like its easy way to offer paid access to premium content without a boggling mind. Additionally, its plugin works with any type of website techstacks, whether WordPress or Laravel.

Pigeons are also extremely secure, in compliance with standard security and robust privacy concerns. Also coming with dozens of integrations including Google work suits.

Top Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Work with any website
  • White-labeled payment gateway

Is there any demo account accessibility?

Yes, Pigeon Paywall does offer demo accessibility to the beginners. Head to the official website to access for a few hours.

Who can use the Pigeon paywall plugin?

Pigeon works great for many situations including newspaper, digital magazines, educational resources, expert blogs, digital downloads, and premium media content.

Tips To Choose The Right Paywall Management Provider

It is tactical to figure out which paywall service solutions are best and right for your business.

We have listed some characteristics and pledged to follow in manner to choose the right paywall service provider.

Level of flexibility

Look out for your requirements and match it with their offers and features effectively. This may context subscription management, metered access, content bundling, and support for various payment methods.

These are essentials to leverage for optimum utilization of paywall software for your purpose.

Integration compatibility

This is most important and you must check for integrations seamlessly with your existing content management system (CMS), website platform, or other tools you use.

If you use wordpress, for example, it should be compatible with platforms like WordPress including Shopify and Google Drive.

Security and compliance

Before putting paywall on your content, ensure that these companies adhere to industry standards and regulations regarding data security and privacy.

Look for features such as encryption, secure payment processing, and compliance with GDPR or other relevant regulations.

Convenient customer support

Identify that they leverage kindful customer support for your query. Explore reviews, read testimonials, and if possible request for a demo account to experience the software for ideology.

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Who Should Use Paywall Solutions?

Paywall software is utilized by a range of commodities. News publishers are the primitive entity of such instances.

Here’s who should consider best paywall solutions:

  • Content creators mainly hobbyists in podcasts, youtube, and bloggers can use paywalls to monetize their creative work.
  • Academic and research institutions can think of subscription-based models to provide access to scholarly articles, research papers, and educational resources.
  • Entertainment platforms such as movies and music streaming websites including gaming sites can use paywalls to provide service for premium content.
  • App developers can use paywalls to offer tiered subscription plans or metered usage of their software products.

BONUS: Best Chrome Extensions To Bypass A Paywall

To help you more, we have managed to mention some of the internet best bypass paywall in the form of chrome extensions.

However, it’s not important to use paywall to bypass things, but if you want to use it instead, here are some best recommendations.

Bypass Paywall – works with tricky websites

Bypass paywall does its job really well by bypass paywalls on 160+ news websites. It is used by quiet people as of now.

The extension is open source on Github and is not in the Chrome store. Here’s how to install Bypass Paywall manually.

  1. Download the zip from Github
  2. Unzip the file on your computer
  3. Enable developer mode on Chrome and Click on “Load unpacked”

uBlock Origin- stops annoying popups

uBlock origin is good for anyone who gets annoyed from unwanted popups. It stops annoying pop-ups on almost all websites.

There is no technical tweak required to configure. Simply, install the extension, and enable it, by default prevent paywall popups from loading.



Paywall software is useful but limited to certain sectors. It has great importance and usability in news and academic publication websites.

There are a concentrated amount of news websites that use the best paywall solutions for profits.

The mentioned list of best google drive paywall software offers reliable and robust services for all your paywall requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions related to paywall management service, paywall bypass methods, and more.

Which is the best website with paywall?

MemberGate is the best website with paywall solutions with customization and robust security.

Which is the good bypass paywall chrome extension?

Bypass Paywall is the most used paywall chrome extension by the working professional and individual.

Is it possible to put a video paywall on my google drive?

Well, Google Drive is not inherently structured to support paid content access. Implementing a paywall for your video on Google Drive may raise concern.

How to access news articles for free?

Use search engines to explore more relevant topics for the same news covered by the different writers. Sometimes paywall bypass also works that you can try as well.

Can I design a paywall for a mobile app?

Yes, paywall software can be designed and implemented on mobile apps while keeping certain factors in mind.

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