Use LinkedIn To Find Contacts: Tips & Strategies

How Can I Use LinkedIn To Find Contacts?

by Micah James — 2 months ago in Review 2 min. read

Are you trying to find ways to bring on your next hire more quickly and effectively? From the comfort of your office, LinkedIn is an excellent tool for finding talented professionals. Recruiters and hiring managers can easily find and contact possible job candidates using LinkedIn’s “Search Contacts” feature.

We will cover all there is to know about utilizing LinkedIn’s Search Contacts feature in this blog post so you can use LinkedIn to find contacts for the ideal candidate for any available job!

1. Become A Member of LinkedIn Groups

Joining groups that interest you on LinkedIn is a great way to make new connections. Many different groups on LinkedIn cover practically every interest and industry. Joining industry or work-related groups allows you to meet like-minded people and expand your network. Select “Groups” after clicking on the “Work” icon in the upper right corner of the LinkedIn homepage to find groups to join. You can then look for groups from there according to your industry or interests.

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2. Utilize The Advanced Search Feature on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn’s advanced search feature is one of the best ways to find contacts on the network. You can use this feature to find people by putting in a variety of search parameters, such as job title, industry, location, and keyword. Select “People” from the drop-down menu after clicking on the search bar at the top of the LinkedIn homepage to use the advanced search feature. You can then specify your search parameters and click “Search” to view a list of possible contacts.

3. Make Use of Linked Helper

Crucial business information about your prospects, possible partners, employees, and influencers can be found in your LinkedIn network. Since many companies use this social network to generate leads, you should be able to export LinkedIn contacts and their emails. You can scrape data to the CRM, tag contacts, add notes, and schedule automatic interactions with contact groups using the tried-and-true Linked Helper tool.

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4. Make Use of The “People Also Viewed” Feature on LinkedIn

“People Also Viewed” is a section on the right side of a person’s LinkedIn profile when you visit their page. A list of other LinkedIn users who have looked at that person’s profile is provided in this section. You can find other users interested in the same things as you professionally by looking through this section.

Therefore, finding contacts on LinkedIn is relatively easy, but it does require some skill and good luck. Seeing LinkedIn’s possible opportunities might take some time, but you can find them all once you get the hang of it. Only if you have access to a diverse range of contacts will your network expand and likely lead to favorable results. Everything can change if you connect with the right people and let the world into your network.

By applying these suggestions, you can create a platform that offers the most exposure, expertise, and success opportunities. LinkedIn provides a beneficial set of tools that enable users to search for contacts efficiently and perceptively. You can download LinkedIn contacts in just a few minutes and pull the most critical data for additional use or analysis.

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