5 Proven Methods To Recover Corrupt PDF Files!

5 Proven Methods to Recover Corrupt PDF files!

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Need to recover corrupt PDF files? Then just go through this article.  

In recent years, PDF has emerged as an innovative way to share crucial documents with better quality. Thus, it became a daily part of the user’s life as it is easy to share and portable in size.

It is easy to share any document, images, graphs, or tabular data. The PDF also offers its users security and limited editing options to make it shareable without any data loss.

Despite all these features it still faces corruption.  So why does this corruption happen? What were the reasons? All these user’s queries will be answered one by one.

Tips and Tricks to Recover Corrupt PDF files:

Some various tips and tricks that will help the users to repair their PDF files. Some of them are mentioned below. These are – 

1- Reinstall the earlier file version 

If the user uses Windows 10, then he can use the backup utility (built within the OS) to save their PDF files.  

2- Pull out from PDF 

Users can recover their data from a PDF file by extracting the data from the corrupt PDF file. Then, save the pull-out data into another file format.

Users can use several free version tools that are present online. It will help the user to convert their PDF files into MS Word formats such as .DOC or .DOCX.

These tools can pull out the data from the corrupt PDF file and save it in the MS Word format. That later can be saved as a PDF file. But, these tools also have some limitations. Thus, it can be possible that a user is unable to extract the maximum data from it. 
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3- Utilize any other Alternative Reader

It is seen that the use of other alternative readers can be beneficial among users.  Sometimes due to format issues, it became hard to open the files in Adobe Reader.

In this scenario, an alternative PDF Reader is useful to use. Each PDF reader software i.e PDF Recovery tool uses a different rendering procedure to exhibit a PDF file.

Thus, saves the user’s time. Users are free to use either free or paid PDF reader applications available on the internet.

4- Fix the Adobe Reader Installation

It is also one of the methods to recover corrupt PDF files by fixing Adobe Reader Installation. Although the probability of this is very low still we must know the process. Sometimes, it is seen that even a faulty installation can disable the Adobe Reader from reading the PDF files.

So the users need to fix their Adobe Reader. The process of fixing is very easy to use. Users can perform this by using the following references:

  1. First, start Adobe Reader then, snap the Help tab 
  2. Now, tap on Repair Adobe Reader Installation from the drop-down menu.

Users also check the version of the software to see if it is updated or not. As sometimes, the Outdated version influences these issues. Therefore, it is necessary to check the software update
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5- Using PDF repair tool-

Users can use these approaches to fix their corrupt PDF files. If users want to perform the process quickly and smoothly. 



















Then, they can rely on an alternative tool.  Users can use the PDF repair tool to recover PDF files. The software bears all the versions of a Windows operating system.

Possible Factors behind Corrupt PDF files:

The main use of the PDF file is to perform three things. These are – print, share, or publish the data by using the internet.

As users have to surf the internet, there is a higher probability of getting a file corrupted. Various reasons that lead to file corruption. These are –

  • PDF files get corrupted due to the poor internet connectivity or if the server time-out. 
  • Sometimes, PDF files get corrupted due to System Failure. This simply means that if the system fails then it will automatically corrupt the data stored inside the system.
  • Due to poor internet connectivity sometimes, files get incomplete to upload or download. Thus, users get only incomplete files.   
  • The most common reason for corruption in data is a Virus attack. Hence, it is necessary to protect your computer through Antivirus programs. 
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Last Remark-

The blog offers different procedures to recover corrupt PDF files. Users can use these methods or they can prefer the alternative tool. Users can use PDF Recovery to eliminate their corrupted PDF files.


Repairs and Recovers Data from a Corrupt or Damaged PDF file and restore it in an accessible format.

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