An In-Depth Guide To Uipath

An In-Depth Guide to Uipath

by Micah James — 1 year ago in Review 3 min. read

UiPath is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software that helps companies automate repetitive digital tasks on a computer. It incorporates intelligent robots that use drag-and-drop functionality to interact with your enterprise systems, data, and applications.

Better still, enterprises can integrate Alteryx and UiPath to enhance the efficient automation of processes. Plus, IT professionals and business users with no coding knowledge can leverage Uipath Alteryx application integration for seamless automation of workflows.

Using robots to automate tasks, UiPath helps businesses eliminate errors while saving significant time and operational costs.

The UiPath Platform

The UiPath software offers an end-to-end process automation platform that empowers businesses to drive digital transformation. The software has many tools that can help you automate simple and complex tasks ranging from administrative to IT processes.

Here are some functionalities of the UiPath Platform:

  • Discover: Uipath enables you to explore automation opportunities in your enterprise. You can get ideas on what processes to automate using tools like Automation Hub, Task Capture, Process Mining, and Task Mining.
  • Build: The software offers tools like Studio, StudioX, and Integration Service that provide a low-code environment to automate processes and integrate enterprise applications. There are also pre-built templates to make the automation process hassle-free.
  • Manage: UiPath tools like Orchestrator, AI Center, Test Manager, Data Service, and Insights help you test and manage your robots in a secure environment. You can model and manipulate data without coding experience.
  • Run: With UiPath, you can access the robots you need as SaaS in your browser. You can automate tasks behind the scenes, and the robots will perform them accurately and efficiently. Unattended Robots, Attended Robots, and Automation Cloud Robots are some of the tools that support this functionality.
  • Engage: UiPath has tools like Apps, Assistant, and Action Center that create an intuitive experience for software users. These tools facilitate the collaboration of robots and people to make process automation easier.
  • Deliver: UiPath Automation Cloud™ and UiPath Automation Suite are impeccable tools that help users to achieve automation via the cloud. With no additional IT infrastructure required, deployment of Uipath is simple and fast.
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Task Automation with UiPath

In today’s digital world, automation is essential for the success of any business. Enterprises need an automation platform with scalability, robust governance, cloud-native, and advanced security capabilities. And that’s precisely what UiPath offers. Below are some of the automation actions that Uipath can perform in your business:

Accessing Applications

Are you tired of logging into all your applications? Uipath can do that for you. It can easily emulate keyboard and mouse activity to log into apps.

Transferring Files and Folders

UiPath robots can automate the movement of individual files and folders from one location to another. This can be helpful if you need to organize your files into a specific order or want to transfer them to another computer.

Connect to APIs

UiPath robots can connect to APIs with enterprise applications through an HTTP request to make task automation easier. This is useful for automating tasks that require access to a web-based API.

Copy and Paste Data

UiPath robots can search the web, copy data and paste it where needed. Plus, the robots can scrape data from multiple web pages and convert it into the desired format.

Processing Documents

UiPath robots can read and extract data from documents such as structured forms, PDFs, and e-mails. Moreover, the robots can process the data for use in various applications.

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Performing Calculations

UiPath tools have .NET functions that help them interact with data variables and perform calculations. Organizations can automate complex and repetitive tasks and significantly save time.

UiPath Alteryx Integration

Automation has become an essential component of digital transformation across industries. And the best way for any organization to automate functions across all departments is through Uipath Alteryx integration.

While Uipath and Alteryx share some similarities, they are unique automation software that solves different business problems.

UiPath’s RPA focuses on automating manual keyboard and mouse tasks to fill forms, navigate websites, and move files, among other functions.

On the other hand, Alteryx facilitates the automation of data-related tasks. It can pull data, prepare and cleanse data sets, and perform predictive data analytics to provide actionable business insights.

While UiPath can automate logging into applications, it lacks the capabilities to cleanse and analyze data. And that’s where Alteryx comes in handy.

Uipath Alteryx integration can help organizations automate processes like

  • Data gathering and analysis for purchases and supplies
  • Accounting end-period closing
  • IT tasks
  • Equipment preventive maintenance
  • Streamlining HR processes
  • Continuous audits
  • Gathering and analyzing marketing data

Final Thoughts

Automation tools allow organizations to respond quickly to changing market conditions and maximize resources. UiPath is an excellent tool for automating repetitive digital tasks. With a vast number of applications, the platform’s value is amplified.

Integrating UiPath with Alteryx is a smart move for any enterprise. Both automation tools complement each when implementing digital transformation.

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