Character AI Plus Review: Is It Worth Upgrading?

Character AI Plus Review: Is It Worth Upgrading?

by Alan Jackson — 1 month ago in Review 2 min. read

If you aren’t happy with slow message responses, there’s a character ai plus feature for you! Let’s understand bit about

The community of has launched a paid version of its service for its users, dated back in May, 2023.

It been called Character AI Plus or also referred as

Basically it is a premium subscription tier that grants robust performance and increased response time prior to the free version.

The community called it priority access for the users, giving them faster character response time, no more waiting room, and quick access to Character AI’s server.

Well, that is just an overview of Character AI Plus. Continue reading to uncover more surprises.

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What Is Character AI Plus?

Character AI Plus is a subscription plan offered by the Character.AI community to grant users premium features including priority access and more.

A subscribed user gets early access to new features, no waiting room, + community access and badge including faster responses from the character.

Undermentioned are features of character ai+ explained briefly.

Faster response time: Binding in subscription plan will ensure faster responses from the character. Meaning AI will reply quickly, reducing the waiting time for users.

Exclusive community access: This feature grants plus members to spectacle community forums to share ideas, gather insights, and receive quicker response times.

Faster character response: Indeed, upgrading boosts character response time by boasting the large language model process multiplier.

Priority access: Last but not the least, subscribers get priority access as well such as faster server access, no more waiting room, and better loading speed overall.

What Is Included In C.AI+?

Basically, surpasses the formidable issues such as slow responses and server loading. It acts as a rocket booster which skips waiting rooms, delivers lightning fast message generation, and exclusive community channel with faster feedback and support.

A user that is enrolled or using gets a membership badge. It displays on your profile as well and other users can illuminate that you are a premium member.

How Much Character AI Plus Cost?

The cost of Character AI Plus is $9.99 per month. You can subscribe to from the browser and mobile app alike.

You will be asked to fill up necessary details after hitting the “Subscribe” button. Complete the details like credit card information to complete the payment and enjoy priority access.

How Much Faster Are Response Times For C.AI+ Users?

As I have tried out the premium for a month, I have noticed that character messages are generated faster i.e. 2x time faster than the free version.

The server functionality also improves plus I also got priority troubleshooting from the community.

Can I Unsubscribe C.AI+ Anytime?

Yes, users can unsubscribe at any time. You can do so by going to your profile settings and clicking on the “Manage Subscription” option.

The revocation of happens in a second of matters.

In the end…

Character.AI emerges as a game-changer. With no coding skills required at all, many individuals create their own chatbot irrespective of specific persona(s).

The upgrades give you a handful of benefits. So, it’s worth upgrading.

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