Grab Audience Attention From The First Second With An Amazing Intro: Free Youtube Intro Maker

Grab Audience Attention From The First Second With An Amazing Intro: Free Youtube Intro Maker

by Alan Jackson — 1 year ago in Review 3 min. read

A video intro is an introduction to a brand that gives an instant impression of its identity. Usually, these clips feature the company’s logo and animated graphics. Even though it might only last a few seconds, a compelling video intro can help catch the attention of your viewers and subscribers and keep them active and engaged.

The rise of video intros has become a trend among YouTubers. If you are planning on making a name for yourself in this field, you need to create an intro that will help viewers connect with your brand.

Check out any of these free video intro makers to learn how to create effective and professional intros.

Free Youtube Intro Makers

Due to the immense number of people watching YouTube videos, the market will become more crowded. To stand out from the crowd, creators need to create effective and professional video intros.

Whether you want to create a customized intro for your YouTube content or create a branded one that will catch the attention of potential customers, plenty of tools will help you do it. We’ve collected some of the best ones to help you get started.

1. Wondershare: Filmora 11

Wondershare’s Filmora 11 is a powerful free video intro maker that allows users to create custom titles, overlays, and filters. Its wide variety of features and user-friendly interface make it an ideal tool for creating videos. Its biggest draw is its ability to create kicks-ass intros for the first seconds of the video using various cool filters and transitions.

Its features include 4K resolution, green screen compositing, and post-production enhancements. It includes various sound tools, such as audio equalizers and background noise removal.

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2. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a desktop and mobile youtube intro video maker tool used by social media creators. It is designed to help them create videos without wasting time. One of the main advantages of this application is that it is quick.

You can easily create an intro and add your own cinematic soundtrack or voiceover using Express, which does not seem to work well with other Adobe products. The paid plans for the program could be a bit expensive.

Although it is a free program, Adobe Express lacks many features. For instance, you won’t be able to create premium templates, have a watermark appear in all your videos, and you won’t be able to use your own logo.

3. Artlist: FXHome

Artist’s FXHome is a video editing software that’s part of the Artist’s company’s line of products. The company has over a million digital assets it can license for its users. Its Hitfilm product is a great choice for creating short videos, and there’s enough here to fuel the creation of longer ones.

This powerful intro video maker tool doesn’t require much learning; it is just a simple yet effective way to create amazing content. It features a variety of editing tools and free music, so you can start creating great intros right away.

4. Wideo

Wideo is a video intro maker free that has various tools that can help you create an animated video in just a couple of minutes. One of the most notable attributes of this app is that it allows you to save your favorite scenes and reuse them across all of your videos.

Wideo allows you to customize videos using over a hundred templates and fonts. It also lets you save them in folders to easily access and download them in high-quality MP4 or full HD (High Definition).

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5. Biteable

According to Biteable, their software can help you create an intro that is perfect for any video and can be done in just minutes. There are a variety of video templates that you can use, grouped according to the type of video that you want to produce.

The main selling point of this app is its ease of use and speed. It also has a simple interface ideal for anyone new to Instagram. However, it doesn’t have any square format templates for the platform.


Free video intro maker software is not very practical if you want to create a functional and attractive intro without a watermark.

Although the free version is limited, we still highly recommend these video intro makers. They are designed to help Instagrammers, YouTubers, and live streamers create beautiful digital assets.

You have to ensure that the software you use to create an intro can seamlessly integrate your company’s personality and brand values into it. Having the necessary tools will allow you to create an effective and engaging intro for your YouTube videos.

Remember – an intro video for your YouTube or any social media platform can help promote your brand, so creating a professional video is essential.

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