How Technology Is Benefitting Charities

How Technology is Benefitting Charities

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Review 3 min. read

Technology has intersected almost every aspect of our lives. From communicating with loved ones, going to work, getting an education and finding love – technology has become a core part of day-to-day life for most of us, and giving to charity is set to be the next sector it impedes on.

Whilst many say technology has ruined certain activities, charity almost certainly will not be one of them, and here’s why.


Charities are a bit like businesses in the sense that without people knowing who they are and raising awareness of the cause, they won’t succeed. It’s imperative that people know about a charity if they’re going to be in with a chance of raising funds and – ultimately – making a difference to their cause.

The days of going out and marching for a cause are not quite over, but having a website and a social media presence is by far the first port of call for making people aware of who you are and what you do, and charities are no different.

With the ability to share information and links within seconds at the mere touch of a button, you could potentially be exposed to thousands – if not millions – of potential donors within minutes.

The simple fact is, word of mouth does not spread as quickly as the word of the internet, so if your charitable cause is urgent, raising awareness of it online should be your main priority.

A good digital brand awareness campaign should encompass SEO and social media in balancing measure to cover all bases and maximise audience exposure.
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People lead busy lives. Long working hours, lengthy commutes and a build-up of errands to blitz through at the weekend leave many people with little to no spare time. As a result, convenience is king, and nothing is more convenient than online shopping.

You can use technology to an advantage beyond the ‘donate button’; it can be a tool for budgeting, too. A good example of this is within the Muslim charity sector where donating to charity is a religious obligation called zakat, although the amount a person is liable to give is worked out based on personal wealth.

To drive donations, it’s easier to give donors the opportunity to calculate zakat on salary online and pair this with a donation button.

This way, the donor can get all their information in one place which means they’re more likely to remain on the charity website and donate their funds to that particular organisation based on the convenience alone.

Whilst donating to charity isn’t strictly the same as online shopping, it’s still a monetary transaction and as such should be treated in the same way.

With the rise of websites such as JustGiving, more and more people are looking to donate online rather than making a special trip to a donation centre or posting a donation through the mail.

Donating online is easy and fast which means more people are likely to do it than if they had to physically go out and do it. This benefits charities directly because you’re likely to receive more donations which means you can help more people.
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If there’s one thing people love, it’s a happy ending. Whilst the work of many charities is ongoing, technology allows volunteers to capture special moments such as water wells being installed or food parcels being handed out and share them online with the wider community.

The ability to provide quantitative evidence brings the charitable cause to life and exposes people to the emotional reality. The benefit of this? More impact, and more impact means more awareness and more donations.

These are just some of the ways charities can use technology and the internet to their advantage aside from providing more aid and logistical assistance in doing so.

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