How To Fix Corrupted Partition And Get Data From It (Guide)

How to Fix Corrupted Partition and Get Data from It (Guide)

by Alan Jackson — 1 year ago in Review 4 min. read

A physical disk can easily be divided into different partitions that are called volumes. A partitioned hard disk can therefore store data in different partitions. Partitions hold different sets of data and system files that are important to boot your system. However, many partitions can be difficult to control and can become cumbersome. This may cause the hardware to develop complications such as becoming unreadable, corrupted, or being marked as raw. This article seeks to provide solutions to fix and recover data from a corrupted dive.

Losing important documents that you had safely secured in your drive can be tragic, especially when you have no means of recovering the very important information. In cases when your hard drive becomes RAW, it means one cannot access the files in the drive. It is, however, possible to recover RAW partition without losing any information. On the other hand, while you try Mac partition recovery or other, you have to be very careful, and avoid some of the mistakes that could make your RAW hard drive unrecoverable.

These actions should be avoided at all costs; they include:

  • Formatting your hard drive may damage the original file system.
  • One should also avoid writing new data to the RAW hard drive as it may even result in a permanent loss of essential files.
  • You should also be very keen on the recovery software you are intending to use to retrieve your data. There are many shady applications that end up bringing more harm than good to your files.

With that in mind, there are methods one may use to recover a corrupted file system. The methods are divided into two categories – free methods and paid methods.

Method 1: Use of Disk Drill

This is a free data recovery software that is helpful in recovering RAW files. Although there are numerous other software solutions that perform similar functions, they are slow in undertaking their functions such as the recovery of lost partitions on Mac. With Drill Disk by Cleverflies, one is able to retrieve information from a RAW partition. This includes documents, videos, images, and audio among others. With Disk Drill it is possible to recover and preview close to 500 mbs of data that is retrievable.

Below is how one is able to recover data from a RAW drive with Disk Drill.

  • Download and launch Disk Drill for Windows
  • Select the RAW storage device and click Search for lost data
  • Use the file format filters on the left to narrow down the scan results until you find the file you are looking for
  • Click the checkbox next to the file and click the blue recover button at the bottom
  • Specify the recovery folder and click next
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Method 2: Recover Corrupted Partition with CHKDSK Command Using Command Prompt

This method will involve applying the command prompt application. CHKDSK scans the drive system you are using and automatically corrects the errors in the system. Below is the procedure you use:

  • Click the start button> type “cmd” in the search bar> right-click the command prompt button and run as administrator
  • Type the following command and click enter button> chkdsk/f< this allows you to scan another drive, this includes the drive letter before the /f command
  • Restart the windows after you are done with the process

Method 3: Recover Corrupted Partition with SFC/SCANNOW Command Using Command Prompt

SFC/SCANNOW is another command that is able to scan and replace corrupted partitions within the hard drive with cached copies. Here is the process:

  • Click on the start button> type “cmd” in the search bar> click on the click command prompt> Run as an administrator button
  • Type the following command button sfc/scannow and press the enter button

Method 4: Change the Drive Letter to Fix and Recover Corrupted Partition

You can also change drive letters by using the command prompt. However, Windows Disk Management could make it much easier. Here’s how:

  • Right-click on the window start button and click on “Disk Management”
  • Identify the drive with the problem and right-click it, then click “Change Drive Letters and Paths…”
  • On the popup that appears, click the current drive letter and “Change”
  • Select “Assign the following drive letter” Select a letter from the dropdown menu on the right, and click “OK”

Now, you may not want this to happen again, so how do you prevent hard drive partition loss in the future?

It is important that you back up your data, in the event of theft, physical damage, or even natural disasters your files will be safe and intact and you can easily retrieve them anytime you think you need them.

You should also consider using antivirus software, unlike data recovery software. An antivirus detects and keeps your files safe from viruses and other malware. Consider reliable software that is capable of detecting and eliminating even the latest cyber threats

During partitioning it is important that you be careful. Ensure you are using the correct procedure to prevent data loss. When in doubt it is advisable that you seek help from partitioning professionals and other experienced users.

The method you should choose mainly revolves around two factors; your budget and how important your data is. While data can be retrieved, it is advisable that you use paid data recovery software. This type of software delivers perfect RAW data recovery and while it is referred to as paid data recovery software, it is pocket friendly.

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