Mastering UX: 7 Proven Steps To Success

How To Make A Successful UX?

by Alan Jackson — 6 months ago in Review 4 min. read

SaaS solutions are easy to learn and are becoming more and more attractive for creating websites for any business. SaaS, of course with support, SaaS web design agency in San Francisco allows any freelancer or seller to create a showcase site tailored to their needs. There is no good or bad choice in absolute terms, but a trade-off that should be made according to the features you want to prioritize. Here, we will explain step by step how to have satisfied users with your product and give them convenient and efficient navigation.

What is UX?

User experience is how the users of your software product can use and navigate through it, which is the most important part of the whole thing, so it’s worth highlighting the main characteristics:

  • The ease with which visitors navigate your website. That is, can they find all available options? Is the menu well structured? Is the navigation intuitive? This becomes noticeable even when children can use the app.
  • Content value. You should be careful about the information you give and how you give it. That is, what you say and how you say it.
  • Displaying the website in all browsers. Looking usable on all platforms is the key to success now. Usability is another important part as it is what will help us to be clear and attractive to the user. An effective way to understand usability is to ask yourself if you, as a user, navigate the website with ease and comfort.

So, the user experience, in simple words, delights you users without giving them problems or hassles while browsing. Navigating the page should be so easy that you should make minimal effort to be able to visit every section of your site that is a pleasure to be on your website. Remember that your time is very valuable, so this becomes a challenge to overcome. Also, give them information that is very relevant and will attract your visitors at first sight.

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What are The Benefits of A Well-Designed UX?

Next, we’ll talk about some of the benefits you can get in your digital marketing if you or an agency, like D.Workz, make the user experience the best it can be.

● You will increase the time your user spends on your product or website.

First, the longer the stay, the more likely it is that your interface is convenient and pleasant to use. And secondly, it is an additional profit. For example, the more time someone spends in your virtual store, the more likely they are to convert a stay into a purchase, as their interest in your product or service grows, and you may even close a sale.

● A good user experience will turn your customers into promoters of your software product or website.

This rule works with both services and products. Satisfied users most often recommend the product they use to their friends and acquaintances, or simply write positive reviews on the Internet. And thanks to this, you will receive more and more interested customers.

● You will improve your positioning in Google.

In case you didn’t know, the topic of user experience UX is related to SEO, which is a tool that helps you organically position yourself in the search results (search results) (without paying a fortune). So, the better the score your website has, the higher the results will be.

5 Practical Tips for Improving UX on The Internet

Use Universal Language

Here the secret is that the language should be clear and detailed. The more recognizable and visible buttons, the better. Creativity is very good, but there are times when simplicity trumps it. Remember that the simpler the presentation, the easier it is for users to navigate your page.

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Report Every Step

For example, if the user has to go through five steps before making a purchase, make it simple and tell them about each step. Keep in mind the previous point: the simpler, the more effective. As an indicator, you can put a bar that indicates the progress of the process: use graphics to facilitate understanding.

Powerful Colors

Colors are an incredible support because they have a special magic that, just by seeing them, they generate feelings and emotions and sometimes even actions. They awaken the senses, here are three:

  • Green: Generates step confirmation.
  • Red: Indicates the cancellation of a specific step or process, or a critical error.
  • Orange: Indicates a warning, and in general, can have many meanings.

Simple Navigation

When navigation is very difficult, it is very likely that the user will end up closing the tab or app. Therefore, the user should know that he has control and freedom to move from one section to another without any problems. Yes, the idea that a SaaS web design agency like Dworkz in San Francisco also follows is to make it feel like home.

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Visual Impact

Your website should have a pleasant and stylish design that will be attractive to the eye and surpass your competitors, and this can be helped by a SaaS web design agency, for example, in San Francisco. The design should reflect the main colors of your brand and correspond to modern website design trends.

Why Should You Define The Differences Between UX and UI?

Many still perceive these concepts as something identical. They are certainly related, but far from being the same thing. We suggest starting with defining the abbreviations themselves.

  • UX: This is the feeling or experience we generate for the user on a page or app and the way we interact with them. Its purpose is to provide the best user experience and know
    their behavior on the site.
  • UI: This is the contact that the user generates when logging on to the Internet. Your goal is to create a visually appealing design that matches the brand or product the site is promoting.

As you can see, user experience is responsible for making it easier for visitors to navigate your website so that they can find everything you have to offer without much effort.

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