How To Use YouTube To Grow Your Blog Traffic

How To Use YouTube To Grow Your Blog Traffic

by Alan Jackson — 1 year ago in Review 3 min. read

If you are trying to cultivate a YouTube following so you can use youtube to grow your blog, then there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, people are sick and tired of the many advertisements you have to sit through to watch just half an hour of YouTube content. Secondly, if you do not put ads into your content, then YouTube will not promote you. This seems very unfair, and it is, which is why YouTube is getting blown away by TikTok at the moment. Nevertheless, you don’t want to annoy your followers, but you will have to throw in an advert or two if you want YouTube to promote you through its “Recommended” features.

Buy Your Way To The Top

You can use YouTube’s promote feature to promote your videos, which promotes your blog posts. The “Promote” feature has become a lot more user-friendly these days, but even so, you can still check out a few online tutorials that show you how to pay to promote your videos on YouTube.

The other alternative is to buy YouTube channels and/or seek advice from a social media marketplace. People who build their profiles are often disappointed by how little money their videos are making, so they resolve to sell their accounts and make some money. That is where you come in, you buy their account and advertise your blog posts to their following. You can even cultivate their following to exploit it further down the line.

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Use The “OnlyFans” Method

How do you make millions on OnlyFans? You make short of yourself looking hot and doing mundane things in fancy outfits, and you plaster TikTok with them. As people become enamored, they are more likely to want to see that person naked (or more).

YouTube has started using “Shorts” in its desperate attempt to claw people back from TikTok. Turns out that battering people with constant adverts on YouTube is not a winning strategy for maintaining an audience. Nevertheless, all you need to do is post clips of enticing elements of your blog post.

For example, if you are writing about how recent our history is, you could give the video example showing Red Dead Redemption 2, set in 1899, and then explain that it was only 123 years ago, which is the lifetime of two 62yr old people. In short, those cowboy times were just two people ago. You then give a call out, “Visit my blog and find out just how recently Cleopatra dominated Africa.”

The Joe Rogan Method

Once upon a time, the big news media was given a warning. They were told that one day they will be usurped by a regular guy. By literally a regular “Joe” and that is exactly what happened, but what makes Joe Rogan’s podcasts so interesting? All he does is pose an interesting question or interesting reply at the start of each teaser video.

All you have to do is the same thing. You post teasers for your blog posts, but you cut to the most interesting questions or the most interesting replies. Now obviously, Joe interviews people and your blog may not, but either way, you can voice your own replies. One of his replies goes something like this, “So without at least 8 hours sleep, my brain function starts to break down?” One of his questions goes something like, “Why is it that I can go all day without drinking water and still feel fine?”

You tease the viewer, get them interested, and then direct them to your blog post. You are asking people to stop watching something (which is easy) and start reading instead. So, you may want to remind people to bookmark your blog or offer them a way to come back to it later just in case they don’t feel like turning off YouTube yet.

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