Kroger Money Services: Operating Hours, Charges & How To?

Kroger Money Services: Where To Find, How To Use, Charges & Fees, Everything!

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Kroger money services are all about helping its customers with better and more convenient money matters.

You may find the money service department of Kroger near the customer service desk. It charges the lowest fees for money transfers, bills payment, check cashing, etc.

It has more than 2,000 stores across the US and using any one of them, you could transfer to over 525,000 locations worldwide.

Stuck with failing cards or running out of cash, you can consider a walk-in to the Money Service department.

They can help you with immediate fund release of up to $1,000 along with other services such as paying bills, sending and receiving money transfers, check cashing and more.

So, where to find Kroger money services?


In this blog, get to know everything about Kroger money center such as Kroger money services hours, charges, where to find and how it works, everything!

Different Types Of Services Available At Kroger Money Centers

You can say that Kroger money center provides an umbrella of services related to money management. Following are the range of services available at Kroger money center.

Send Money

Using Kroger money services, one could send money to family or friends, bank accounts, inmates, or international.

Customers can opt for “In-store” or “Online” mode for sending money without any complications.

Opting for In-store, you have to choose from WU (Western Union) or Ria (Ria money transfer) while opting for online, WU is the only option with a fee of as little as $0.99.

Sending money through Kroger money center requires a legit assets; those are –

  • Funds in cash or debit card to deduct the transfer amount.
  • Receiver’s name has appeared on their govt-issued ID.
  • Your receiver’s city/province/state and country.
  • Your own government-issued ID (US-issued ID, driving license, military ID, or Foreign passport).

Can I choose how the recipient’s fund will be delivered?

Yes, a customer can opt a fund delivery method for its recipient. Choose between cash pick-up, bank deposit, mobile wallet, ATM pay-out, and home delivery.

Cash Checks

Check cashing is another service that you grant at Kroger stores.

Simply go to your nearest Kroger store, bring your check, and deposit. Wait a few minutes for confirmation and you can get cash by depositing a fee.

The kind of checks accepted at Kroger help desk are payroll checks, government checks, income tax refunds, insurance settlements, business checks, child support checks, and debit card cashing.

Things to bring with you to leverage Kroger cash checking service:

  • Your check that you want to cash
  • Your social security or TIN

Can I cash a check without an ID?

No, you can’t request Kroger helpdesk to cash a check without an ID proof. It is important to bring current and a valid ID to cash checks.

Pay Bills

Another great money service offered by Kroger is that it can pay bills for your cars, cable TV, phone, utilities, etc without letting you be frustrated.

All you need to do is visit your nearest Kroger store enabled with money services. Bring along with your bills stub with an adequate amount of money for payment.

Reportedly, every day the company helps customers to make payments to over 15K billers including Verizon Wireless, AEP, Comcast, and more.


What kind of bills can I pay with a money service center?

Kroger money service center allows its customers to make payments for a wide range of bills. Counting, water bills, cell phone bills, mortgage payment, natural gas bills, internet bills, credit card bills, electricity bills, satellite TV bills, and car payments.

Money Order

Money order is the oldest form of payment system and it has many more benefits than banks.

As it ensures that funds arrive without the need to wait to leave the account, many people are using it for quick and comfortable money transfers.

Over 2000 Kroger family stores offer Kroger money order services, so it’s obvious to expect to get this service at your nearest store. Remember to carry a valid ID along with your social security number.

Here’s how to do:

  • Find your nearest Money Services location.
  • Purchase a Kroger money order and fill it.
  • Send your money order via mail or deliver in-person.

What is the limit on a money order?

You can make a money order of maximum $1,000 but there may be exceptions.

Other Money Services at Kroger:

Prepaid cards: Customers can shop or top-up money onto prepaid Visa or Mastercard debit cards.

No contact wireless: You can also avail no-contact wireless service to buy cell phones and plans from an array of different carriers.

Offers and coupons: Explore or know about latest coupons and offers when you manage your money with Kroger money services.

Disclaimer: Not all services are available at Kroger stores*

What Are The Kroger Money Services Hours?

When do Kroger money services operate? Is it good to visit the Kroger family store in the evening for money services?

Most Kroger family stores are open from 7 AM to 9 PM, seven days a week including most holidays.

Between this time, you can expect to visit Money Services at Kroger’s help desk or customer service.

And one thing to consider is location. Not all Kroger family stores open at similar times. Do check Kroger opening hours before you plan to visit.

Where To Find Kroger Money Services?

You can find Kroger money services for bill payment, money transfer, cash check, and others at Money service desk or Kroger’s customer help desk area.

These people at the desk are responsible for helping customers with their money management requirements. You may ask them to pay bills for you, cash checking for immediate funds or request for latest offers and coupons.

How To Find The Nearest Kroger Money Services?

It’s not that hard to find Kroger money services nearby.

You can head to Kroger’s store finder website to examine locations available with nearest money services.

To do so, step into the following methods:

  • Visit the Kroger’s Money Service find store portal.
  • Type in your ZIP code or state/city.
  • Select your nearest store from the list.
  • Check money services operating hours and services.

You can also check for Kroger money services on the Kroger’s mobile app or using Google Maps.

Kroger Money Services: Charges and Fees

In this section, you can acknowledge Kroger money services charges. The following charges may vary from location to location.

Services Charges
Send Money Service 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Cash Check Service 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
No Contact Wireless 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Prepaid Cards 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Pay Bills 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Money Order 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an old citizen avail Kroger money services?

Kroger money services are for everyone residing in the United States or have a valid US issued ID.

What is the limit for Kroger money services?

Kroger money service help desk can provide you up to $1,000 to pay for rent, buy goods, and more.

Can I withdraw money from Kroger money service?

Yes, Kroger allows a convenient and quick way to withdraw money from your debit card at money service.

What is the maximum check cashing amount?

The money service at Kroger only accepts checks up to the value of not more than $5,000.

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