Telegram Just Made It Easy To Import WhatsApp Chats

Telegram just made it easy to import WhatsApp chats

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Review < 1 min. read

Telegram has surged in popularity recently, especially after WhatsApp‘s recent privacy missteps, so the company is taking advantage of the influx of new users by making it relatively easy to import your chats from other popular messaging apps.

Specifically, the upgrade supports imports from WhatsApp, Line, and KakaoTalk — for individual chats and classes. To import from WhatsApp into Telegram on Android, start the dialog in the prior app, tap on the menu button More > Export Chat, and pick Telegram.

On iOS, the practice is similar, however, the export function are located by launching the Contact Information or Form Information page.

Telegram warns that programs will probably be erased to the present day, however the talks will keep their initial timestamps, and they’ll be observable by members of a dialog.

move your chat

The business also notes that messages do not have to take extra space in your device, as Telegram can save media and messages in the cloud instead of being made to save them onto your personal storage.
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Among the biggest challenges with shifting messaging solutions is losing all your old discussions, so it is great to see Telegram seems to have mostly gotten around this specific caveat.

The upgrade also attracts a few other new features, such as more control over the conversation and telephone history in Telegram, enhanced audio characteristics, and new cartoons. You may read about them at the Telegram site.

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