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WhatsApp vs. Telegram: What’s the Most Secur...
By: Alan Jackson, Mon August 2, 2021

Instant messaging apps allow users to send images, text, and voice messages with a single tap or scroll. Popular messaging..


Telegram just made it easy to import WhatsApp chat...
By: Alan Jackson, Fri January 29, 2021

Telegram has surged in popularity recently, especially after WhatsApp‘s recent privacy missteps, so the company is taking advantage of the..


Apple sued on group insisting it curb Telegram af...
By: Amelia Scott, Mon January 18, 2021

Even a Washington nonprofit group sued Apple in national court Sunday, demanding that it remove Telegram, a conversation and societal..


Telegram will Launch its Own Cryptocurrency in thi...
By: Alex Noah, Wed August 28, 2019

Telegram’s cryptocurrency– that the Gram — might be going public after all. The encrypted messaging program provider plans to provide..

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