The Pros And Cons Of Working As A Subcontractor

The Pros and Cons of Working as a Subcontractor

by Micah James — 1 year ago in Review 2 min. read

In the construction industry, working with subcontractors is a daily part of completing and managing a project. These sub-hired contractors are typically used to carry out specific activities that others do not have the skill or resources to do.

The demand for more subcontractors in the construction industry continues to grow, making it an attractive career choice for hopefuls in this sector. If you’re not sure whether this type of employment is right for you, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll be outlining all the advantages and disadvantages of working as a subcontractor in the construction industry.

The Pros

Develop a Specialised Skill Set

More often than not, contractors will expect subcontractors to have a specialized skill set that their own team of workers cannot address. For example, a contractor may hire you to focus on specific tasks such as outdoor plumbing. Therefore, you can focus on developing your skills in the areas you are truly interested in.

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Be Your Own Boss

When you work as a subcontractor, you can be your own boss. You don’t have to stick with clients if you don’t like their work ethic or project management style. However, you may not receive as many steady jobs as you would when working for someone else. Nevertheless, having the freedom of a freelancer is something many people aspire to.

Choose Which Jobs to Accept

As we noted, you can be your own boss. This also means you get to choose what jobs you would like to do. If you’re asked to jump on a project that is too demanding or not paid well enough, you are at your liberty to refuse. Similarly, you can simply take time off work whenever you want and get back to looking for gigs when you’re ready.

The Cons

You Depend on General Contractors

When you do accept a job with another contractor, you’re at their mercy. This means any poor communication or unrealistic requests must be dealt with. If your employer has subcontractor project management software, this is typically a good sign that they are organized and equipped to deal with various subcontractors at a time.

Responsible For Your Taxes

Nobody likes dealing with taxes, however, as a freelancer, it’s your responsibility to ensure you pay your dues. There are several self-employment fees you’ll need to cover, which may not be worth your effort if you aren’t receiving a steady influx of high-paid jobs. Nevertheless, you can always hire some external help to assist you in the process of filing taxes.

All in all, it’s important to find what works best for your lifestyle. If you’re more suited to a flexible work schedule, then you may enjoy being self-employed. However, as with any job, there are plenty of disadvantages associated with going at it alone. Hopefully, this guide has enlightened you in regard to the pros and cons of being a subcontractor in the construction industry and helped you make a decision.

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