Why Use Mind Maps For The Task Management Of Your Projects

Why Use Mind Maps For The Task Management Of Your Projects

by Micah James — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

Every project begins with a clear goal in mind. Then, you have to jump through all kinds of hurdles to finish the project. Before you know it, you feel dizzy with the number of tasks you have to do—even the job of delegating some tasks so your team can feel overwhelming.

First, we need to understand what mind mapping is. Then, we can learn how you can use it to manage project-related tasks.

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping essentially puts together the association game your brain plays into visuals. It’s about letting your brain think about a central concept. In this case, the goal of the project. Then, allow your brain to wander so your brain can gather all the information and tasks you have to do about the project.

Associations help you cover all parts of the project. Any idea, information, and task related to a project is explored.

When you have a visual map of everything you have to do, you are way more productive and accomplish the task faster.

However, creating a mind map in itself can be time-consuming. Instead of increasing your productivity, you might cut back on it. On the other hand, you’re determined to get the mind map right, which could take days.

Unless you hand over the task of mind mapping to Clone.

When you enter a project into the system, Clove analyzes and structures the project until it has an intuitive visualization of all your future tasks.

Let’s see all the other ways mind maps can be helpful for task management of your project.

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5 Reasons to Use Mind Maps for Project Task Management

Engage Your Team with The Presentation

The first part of getting any project to land is introducing the idea. Then, instead of the usual boring PowerPoint presentation, you can show them the mind map of the project. The tasks are condensed but offered in an actionable manner on the mind map.

Your team immediately has a clear timeframe. They know how much information they will have to gather and what their role is. One study suggests mind maps improve recall by 15 percent.

Improves Team Management

Like the presentation, a mind map is an effective tool for managing your team. Every task for every team member can be laid out on the map. You can even detail which team member has to report to whom on the completion of a task.

As a project head, task delegation itself is a massive task. Mind map takes over a good portion of that headache for you.

A Resource Bank

Think about the thousands of sources you have to cite for a single project. You’ll probably need to send those sources to your teammates. They need this information to understand the model of the project.

If the resources have connections, it becomes even more complicated. For example, you want to pull up the sources quickly when you finish a task. Yet, if you have them all in a folder, it takes ages to find the correct basis for said task.

When you upload it on your mind map, the sources are placed closely about the task. This makes it easy for you and your team to access on time.

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Effective Support During Meetings

Countless meetings regardless of the nature of the project are inevitable. However, mind maps do an excellent job of reducing the need for them. For the few encounters you have to attend, mind map tools can document the session.

You don’t have to take notes as usual. Instead, you can rely on the tool to organize the document and conversations that occur during the meeting.

Effective Problem Solving

To manage tasks, you have to know what those tasks are. There are times when we run into problems in a project but can’t find a solution.

Mind maps make finding the link between the problem and the solution easy. The branch-like visualization from one issue to solution keeps your team on track. You take on each task one by one until the branch has dwindled into the last section of the project. At this point, you finally get to hit the ‘finish project’ button.

The more you classify each task, the easier it becomes for the team to complete it.


When you use a project management tool for task management, you can reduce time spent on visualizing and drawing the project. Instead, you can skip straight to delivering the finished product.

Having a clear idea of each task and who should handle what also helps lessen the load for the entire team. A big project doesn’t look so big and undefeatable anymore.

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