Top Productivity Hacks For Working Smarter

Top Productivity Hacks For Working Smarter

by Alan Jackson — 9 months ago in Review 3 min. read

Working smarter, not harder, is the phrase everyone should incorporate into their busy schedules.

Finding methods that make your busy day lighter is the goal when you are running a business or stuck between back-to-back meetings. Using a smartphone to set reminders, work remotely or take a meeting in your car can help beat the rush of being everywhere all at once.

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Top Productivity Hacks For Working Smarter

These are some productivity hacks that you can use as working methods to help you work smarter.

Stop Multitasking

Focusing on one task at a time can help you get it done quicker than it would be being distracted by many things. This way, once you have finished a task, you can simply cross it off your to-do list and work on something else that needs your attention.

Take Regular Breaks

Regular breaks between tasks will help you be more productive and won’t slow you down mentally. Go for a walk, have some water or stand outside to get some fresh air to rejuvenate and return to your busy schedule.

Set healthy deadlines

It is important to set healthy deadlines when performing tasks, some things might take a little longer than others, and that should be understood.

This way, you will make fewer mistakes if you set deadlines that do not pressure you into getting things done on top of each other.
Have a clean workspace.

Decluttering your workspace will reduce distractions and save time looking for needed things.

Be organised and have the tools or documents ready before you start your task so that you do not feel overwhelmed in a cluttered space.

Have more productive meetings

Plan your meetings so that you encourage productivity by focusing on problems that you have and finding solutions to those.

Have a daily plan

Use a calendar or a diary to keep track of your deadlines and the tasks that need your attention. You can also schedule your planner for the week ahead so that you know what to expect and how much work you need to get done.

Stay off social media unless completely necessary

While working, it is best to stay off your phone unless you are checking for an important email or doing some quick research. People can lose track of time and become easily distracted when scrolling their phones during work hours. Reward yourself by checking your phone after you have completed a task.

Separate work and home life

Working remotely might make this one a little difficult at first, but here are some ways to separate your work and home life.

  • Stick to your hours: Only work during your scheduled working hours. Do not respond to any work-related emails or calls after hours, so help keep your career and home life separate.
  • Do not mix your accounts: Have a separate email for your work and then a private one for other things. This way, you only have access to your work email account during your office hours.
  • Have an office area at home: Section a work area in your home and only work in that space. Take your lunch in another room and only sit down to work when it is time.

Also, keep all work-related things in that space so as to keep your home life separate from documents or other bits of admin lying around the house.

Do not procrastinate

Although this is much easier said than done, always try to do something else if you are struggling with one task and get back to it at a later stage. Procrastinating will only have your deadlines pile up on top of each other, which will leave you overwhelmed and swamped trying to catch up.

Use public transport to work if you need to go in

If you take the bus or train to work, then you will have time to catch up on your emails before getting to the office or squeeze in some prep so that you do not have to miss your lunch. This can help you get some work done before your day starts and will make it easier to work through your schedule.

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These productivity hacks should help make your workflow much easier and leave you with extra free time to squeeze in a hobby or find some downtime when others are working. Sticking to a schedule or your weekly planner can help you stay on top of things and leave less room for any errors.

Be sure to find hacks that you can slip into your workday so that it doesn’t take too much of your time trying out new hacks to find the ones that work best for you.

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